Sexmix / Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Coming in August

Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Sexmix: Archive Tapes and Studios Adventures, Volume OneAs reported on this blog back in August last year, ZTT/Salvo Music are set to release a new two-CD compilation featuring material from the archive of legendary ’80s chart toppers, Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Sexmix: Archive Tapes and Studio Adventures, Volume One, collects together rare and unearthed material from original cassette singles (singlettes), CD singles and shines a light on favourite B-side material.

All seven of Frankie‘s UK singles are featured in one form or another, from Relax (originally released in 1983) to Watching The Wildlife (February 1987). Fans can look forward to some rarities such as the CD debut of the full Welcome To The Pleasuredome cassette single (effectively a mini-album) and unique, remastered mixes of Rage Hard and Warriors of the Wasteland which have been out-of-print for a quarter of a century.

Sexmix is coming on 6 August, and boasts this splendid front cover which perfectly captures the spirit of Frankie Goes To Hollywood circa 1984. Full track listing below the image.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Sexmix: Archive Tapes and Studios Adventures, Volume One

Track listing:

CD1: Frankie Goes To Hollywood in The Pleasuredome, a Zang Tuum Tumb singlette in five parts: Happy Hi! (All in the Body), The Soundtrack from Bernard Rose’s Video of the Welcome to the Pleasuredome single, Get It On, Welcome to the Pleasure Dome (How to Remake the World), Happy Hi! (All in the Mind); Relax (International); The Power of Love (I’ll Protect You From The Holocaust) can be read in various ways but, for the sake of CD indexing, has six distinct sections: The Power of Love (extended, singlette – as opposed to 12” – version), The World is My Oyster (Trapped), Holier Than Thou (FGTH’s Christmas message), The World is My Oyster (Scrapped), Holier Than Thou (further festive messaging), The Power of Love (instrumental, singlette version); The World is My Oyster (at its full length); Don’t Lose What’s Left, Rage Hard + ++ *.

CD2: Extracts from Relax, From Soft to Hard, Dry to Moist: Relax (Sex Mix), Later On (from One September Monday), Ferry Cross The Mersey (…and here I’ll stay); Music from and inspired by Two Tribes (Keep The Peace): Two Tribes (singlette extracts), One February Friday (singlette extracts), War (somewhere between Hidden and Hiding); Further elements from The Liverpool Look: Warriors of the Wasteland (Compacted), Do You Think I’m Sexy?, Watching the Wildlife (Voiceless).

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