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If you enjoy social media, be sure to follow/like/subscribe to your favoured ‘channel’ to stay in touch and ensure that you never miss a post on SuperDeluxeEdition. There are a number of ways you can do this and they are not mutually exclusive!


Once a week (normally on a Sunday evening) we deliver a great email Newsletter to your inbox, which offers a weekly round-up of activity on the blog as well as an exclusive editorial from SDE Editor Paul Sinclair on a relevant issue or perhaps a new release. We also sent out occasional ‘news alerts’ for really BIG news such as Beatles or Led Zeppelin box sets. We will never share your email address with any third parties, so why not sign-up to stay in touch? You have control to take yourself off the email list at any time, if you wish.

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The humble RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed may have been slightly overshadowed in recent years by newer, sexier social media channels, but it’s stilla fantastic way to ensure you never miss a post. Simply click this link and enter your email address and each day you will get a summary email which displays the title and the first few lines of each SDE post, along with a link to read the whole thing. If there are no posts on that particular day, you don’t get an email.

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All the posts on this blog are highlighted on our Facebook page. Simply ‘like’ our page by clicking the “like” graphic below this paragraph and all our news and activity will turn up in your timeline. On Facebook you will also enjoy some exclusive content too, like competitions and posts about special deals that we’ve spotted! With nearly 9000 likeminded fans our Facebook page is also an excellent community with lots of comments and debate. Click the ‘like’ graphic below to join in the fun.



Our twitter name is @sdedition. If you’re a tweeter, why not follow us.



We’re relative newcomers to Instagram, but loving it already. We’ll be posting quirky photos and some behind-the-scenes images which you might find interesting. The immediacy of the medium means we will be uploading lots of photos of box sets and deluxe editions as they come through the SDE front door, BEFORE we post about them on Facebook and the blog itself. If you follow us on Instagram, we’ll follow you right back! Then we can see the deluxe editions and box sets that you’ve been buying! Click the graphic below and then follow us.


SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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