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For the last few months we have been trialling having local currencies on the SDE shop to see if it’s something that adds value to our international audience and affords them a better shopping experience.

The general idea is that you can shop in USD, EUR, CAD, etc. which should make life easier for international shoppers inasmuch as they don’t have to do thumbnail currencies conversions in their head when looking at products that are all priced in GBP (UK Pound Sterling). Another aim was to remove currency conversion fees applied by your international card providers when buying a products in a currency that is not the same as your local currency and avoiding your payment providers maybe blocking a transaction because the ‘foreign’ currency purchase looks suspicious.

Shortly after we introduced this, in October 2023, we had some informal feedback from some of you, but the point of this post is to collect data properly and give you the chance to have your say. So below is a poll that we’d love you to complete if you do not live in the UK and have brought a product from on the SDE shop. It’s very straightforward: Please just indicate whether you are happy with shopping in your local currency; would prefer to go back to GBP (sterling) or have no preference.

Thanks for taking the time and we look forward to reviewing the results! Feel free to leave a comment if you wish to expand with further details, but do please complete the form also.

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As an international customer, how would you like to shop on the SDE shop?

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