Top 10 Fleetwood Mac/Crowded House song mash-ups for the new tour

With Neil Finn all set to join Fleetwood Mac on their forthcoming tour, SDE thinks there is some song ‘synergy’ to be exploited and the back catalogues of both ‘Mac’ and the House of the Crowded can be creatively fused, Brundlefly fashion. With that in mind, we recommend the follow ten songs for the tour setlist:

1. Fingers of Big Love

2. Walking Rhiannon The Spot

3. How Will You Go Your Own Way

4. In The Lowlandslide

5. Nobody Wants To Hold Me

6. Don’t Dream It’s Over My Head

7. Four Seasons in One Day Dreams

8. Elephants Need Your Love So Bad

9. Locked Out, Oh Well

10. You Can Touch Everywhere

Do you have any to add? Let’s hear you suggestions! Leave a comment.

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