Andrew Gold / Lonely Boy: The Asylum Years Anthology 6CD+DVD box set

Albums • Live • Unreleased rarities • DVD with TV appearances

In July, Esoteric Recordings will release Lonely Boy: The Asylum Years Anthology, a new seven-disc box set featuring the music of US singer-songwriter Andrew Gold.

As the title suggests, this set is concerned with the years Gold was on the Asylum label, which was between 1975 and 1980. It contains remastered versions of the four studio albums recorded in this era, a disc of outtakes and unreleased recordings, a live CD and a DVD with promo videos and Old Grey Whistle Test appearances.

During this period ‘Lonely Boy’ from 1976’s What’s Wrong With This Picture was a top ten hit in America (an ‘original version’ of this song is on CD 5) and Gold enjoyed three top 40 singles in the UK, including ‘Never Let Her Slip Away’ (from All This And Heaven Too) which peaked at number five in the summer of 1978.

The live CD is largely unreleased and the DVD in this box set features 13 performances from two Old Grey Whistle Test appearances and six promo videos.

In the early 1980s, after the Asylum Years, Gold worked with Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman on 10cc material and of course after that Andrew had a successful period in the band Wax (with Graham Gouldman), enjoying a big hit across Europe in 1987 with ‘Bridge to Your Heart’. Andrew Gold died in 2011 after being diagnosed with kidney cancer.

Lonely Boy: The Asylum Years Anthology is released on 24 July 2020.

CD 1 Andrew Gold (1975)
1. That’s Why I Love You
2. Heartaches in Heartaches
3. Love Hurts
4. A Note from You
5. Resting in Your Arms
6. I’m a Gambler
7. Endless Flight
8. Hang My Picture Straight
9. Ten Years Behind Me
10. I’m Coming Home

Bonus Track
11. Hang My Picture Straight (Live at Santa Monica Civic 1975)

CD 2 What’s Wrong With This Picture (1976)
1. I Hope You Feel Good
2. Passing Thing
3. Do Wah Diddy
4. Learning the Game
5. Angel Woman
6. Must Be Crazy
7. Lonely Boy
8. Firefly
9. Stay
10. Go Back Home Again
11. One of Them Is Me

CD 3 All This And Heaven Too (1978)
1. How Can This Be Love?
2. Oh Urania (Take Me Away)
3. Still You Linger on
4. Never Let Her Slip Away
5. Always for You
6. Thank You for Being a Friend
7. Looking for My Love
8. Genevieve
9. I’m on My Way
10. You’re Free

Bonus track
11. Endless Flight (Live at the Gator Bowl, Jacksonville, Florida 1978)

CD 4 Whirlwind (1980)
1. Kiss This One Goodbye
2. Whirlwind
3. Sooner or Later
4. Leave Her Alone
5. Little Company
6. Brand New Face
7. Nine to Five
8. Stranded on the Edge
9. Make Up Your Mind

CD 5 Outtakes and unreleased recordings

Recorded during sessions for ‘Andrew Gold’

1. Within a Word
2. Broken Pinball Machine
3. Ten Years Behind Me (Demo)

Recorded during sessions for ‘What’s Wrong With This Picture’

4. Lonely Boy (Original Version)
5. Firefly (Early Unfinished Version)
6. Feel It
7. Gorilla Jam

Recorded during sessions for ‘All This And Heaven Too’

8. Gambler (Version #1)
9. Still You Linger on (Alternate Take)
10. Thank You for Being a Friend (Outtake)
11. Genevieve (Original Version)

Recorded during sessions for ‘Whirlwind’

12. Gambler (Version #2)
13. Traffic Jam
14. The in Crowd

CD 6 Live Recordings – Released 1976/1977

Live at the Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles 6 Jan 1977

1. Hope You Feel Good (Live 1977)
2. Stay (Live 1977)*
3. That’s Why I Love You (Live 1977)*
4. Endless Flight (Live 1977)*
5. Learning the Game (Live 1977)*
6. Hang My Picture Straight (Live 1977)*
7. One of Them Is Me (Live 1977)*
8. Lonely Boy (Live 1977)*

*previously unreleased

Live at the New Victoria Theatre, London 23 Nov 1976
Broadcast on BBC’s ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’ on 15 March 1977 – All previously unreleased.

9. Heartaches in Heartaches (Live BBC)
10. That’s Why I Love You (Live BBC)
11. Endless Flight (Live BBC)
12. Do Wah Diddy Diddy (Live BBC)
13. Learning the Game (Live BBC)
14. Angel Woman (Live BBC)
15. Hope You Feel Good (Live BBC)
16. One of Them Is Me (Live BBC)
17. Lonely Boy (Live BBC)
18. Go Back Home Again (Live BBC)


The promotional videos

1. Lonely Boy (Promo Video)
2. Go Back Home Again (Promo Video)
3. Thank You for Being a Friend (Promo Video)
4. Never Let Her Slip Away (Promo Video)
5. How Can This Be Love (Promo Video)
6. Kiss This One Goodbye (Promo Video)

‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’ on 15 March 1977

7. Heartaches in Heartaches (Live Old Grey Whistle Test)
8. That’s Why I Love You (Live Old Grey Whistle Test)
9. Endless Flight (Live Old Grey Whistle Test)
10. Do Wah Diddy Diddy (Live Old Grey Whistle Test)
11. Learning the Game (Live Old Grey Whistle Test)
12. Angel Woman (Live Old Grey Whistle Test)
13. Hope You Feel Good (Live Old Grey Whistle Test)
14. One of Them Is Me (Live Old Grey Whistle Test)
15. Lonely Boy (Live Old Grey Whistle Test)
16. Go Back Home Again (Live Old Grey Whistle Test)

BBC TV –’The Old Grey Whistle Test’ Andrew Gold feature 24 Jan 1978

17. Hope You Feel Good (Old Grey Whistle Test 1978)
18. Andrew Gold Interview (Old Grey Whistle Test 1978)
19. One of Them Is Me (Old Grey Whistle Test 1978)

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