Billy Idol / Self-titled debut reissued

2CD deluxe and vinyl

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Billy Idol / Self-titled album reissued

Billy Idol / Billy Idol

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Billy Idol / Self-titled album reissued

Billy Idol’s self-titled debut album has been remastered and expanded for a new reissue.

The 1982 album feature the singles ‘Hot In The City’ and ‘White Wedding’ which were top 30 and top 40 singles in America respectively (White Wedding was reissued in the UK in 1985 and was a top 10 hit).

This reissue presents the remastered album on both vinyl and CD. The 2CD edition offers an unreleased concert from the Roxy in Hollywood in 1982 and a “recently unearthed” and previously unreleased 12-minute Clubland Extended Remix of ‘White Wedding’.

The expanded 2CD set offers 1982 live concert and an unreleased remix (click image to enlarge)

Bafflingly, what we do not get are any 12-inch remixes of the singles, including the familiar – but immense – ‘Shotgun’ remix of ‘White Wedding (Part 1 and 2)’ which was expertly created by Gary Langan (of Art of Noise fame). ‘Dancing With Myself’ is also absent, and while it was rather tacked on the 1983 reissue of this record, it would have been a valid bonus track. These omissions, coupled with the jewel case presentation suggest ‘perfunctory’ rather than ‘passion’ when it comes to this project. There is a new Atmos Mix however, although it’s streaming only.

This Billy Idol reissue will be released on 28 July 2023 via UMe/Capitol. Amazon has an exclusive vinyl edition that comes with a litho print of alternative album artwork.

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Billy Idol

Billy Idol - vinyl LP with amazon exclusive litho



Billy Idol / Self-titled album reissued

Billy Idol Billy Idol /

    • CD 1
      1. Come On, Come On
      2. White Wedding (Part 1)
      3. Hot In The City
      4. Dead On Arrival
      5. Nobody’s Business
      6. Love Calling
      7. Hole In The Wall
      8. Shooting Stars
      9. It’s So Cruel
      10. Congo Man
      11. White Wedding (Clubland Extended Remix) (Previously Unreleased)
    • CD 2: Live at the Roxy, 1982
      1. Baby Talk
      2. Untouchables
      3. Come On, Come On
      4. Hot In the City
      5. Dead On Arrival
      6. Heavens Inside
      7. Ready Steady Go
      8. Hole In The Wall
      9. Shooting Stars
      10. Kiss Me Deadly
      11. White Wedding
      12. Nobody’s Business
      13. Dancing With Myself
      14. Mony Mony
      15. Triumph

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