Boris Blank / Electrified deluxe


Electrified is a two-CD+DVD anthology featuring the work of Yello’s Boris Blank.

Originally a Kickstarter campaign, but now available through traditional channels, what’s interesting about this collection is that the music is largely unreleased – soundtrack material and experiments from the 70s to the present day. This deluxe edition also features a DVD with twelve films and animations

Electrified is released on 1 December 2014

Track listing

CD 1

1. Electrified
2. The Time Tunnel
3. Escape Route
4. Cigarette Girl
5. Key Largo
6. Big Beans
7. Future Past
8. Random Tox
9. Midnight Procession
10. Fat Roller
11. Body Electric
12. Elektro Kabinet
13. She’s Got Balls
14. Bosphorus
15. Big City Grill
16. You Can Have It
17. Inner Mountain
18. Lost Languages
19. Cult Of Mirrors
20. Night Train

CD 2
1. A Touch of Magic
2. The Bridge
3. The Last Mile
4. Dome
5. The Astrologer
6. Licht Haus
7. Ancore
8. One Minute To Go
9. They’re Still Here
10. Heaven’s Below
11. Pacific Light
12. Intervals
13. Open The Box
14. Ask The Stones
15. Aqua Marine
16. Traum Blau
17. Delta Boots
18. Sphere
19. Young Dr. Kirk
20. Granada Kiss

1. One Minute To Go [Music Video]
2. The Time Tunnel [Music Video]
3. Pacific Light [Music Video]
4. Electrified [Music Video]
5. Ancore [Music Video]
6. Big City Grill [Music Video]
7. Future Past [Music Video]
8. The Bridge [Music Video]
9. Fat Roller [Music Video]
10. Ancient Desire [Music Video]
11. Lost Languages [Music Video]
12. K2 [Music Video]

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