Chris Wood / Evening Blue box delayed

CW FINAL cover 320x320

A few of you may have noticed that the forthcoming Chris Wood box set, Evening Blue, has quietly slipped from a ‘summer’ 2016 release date, to late October of this year. We asked Neil Storey of Hidden Masters, who are producing the ambitious anthology, if he could give SDE readers an update as to what’s happening. Here’s what he had to say…

Hello everyone, 

All along, as you all know, we’d planned for our Chris Wood / Evening Blue set to be issued as close to his birthday (June 24th) as we possibly could. Unhappily and despite best endeavours, that’s not been the case because, sad to say, we’re still bogged down in a morass of more red tape than ever we’ve encountered before.

Because the unravelling of this Gordian Knot is in the hands of others and not anything over which we have any control whatsoever, it means we have to show a good deal more patience. Nevertheless, everything is ready as it can be in the background and set to roll… so… just as soon as the I dotting and T crossing is solved, Evening Blue will head straight to manufacturing at which point, finally, we can calculate an accurate release date and the countdown can begin.

Thanks to each and every one of you who has stuck with us on this and shown such remarkable patience. We’ll get there! Neil.

Our thanks go to Neil. You can read more about Evening Blue here, and place a pre-order for the box over at uDiscoverMusic.com.

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