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Those Canadian alt country folk-rockers Cowboy Junkies have just released Notes Falling Slow, a four-CD box set that includes re-mastered versions of three ‘noughties’ albums and a fourth disc of unheard songs.

The albums gathered in this new set are Open (2001), One Soul Now (2004) and At The End Of Paths Taken (2007) and the fourth disc consists of songs that were written during the making of those three studio recordings, but never completed or released. The band got together in the summer of this year and, ‘re-imagined’ and recorded these ‘orphaned’ tracks, creating a bonus discs of brand new recordings that give this box its name.

This set comes with a 34-page booklet and is significantly cheaper in North America than in Europe, the notable exception being Amazon Italy are doing it for €16 which is not much more than £11!

Notes on Falling Slow is out now.


Disc: 1 / Open
1. I Did It All For You
2. Dragging Hooks (River Song Trilogy: part III)
3. Bread and Wine
4. Upon Still Waters
5. Dark Hole Again
6. Thousand Year Prayer
7. I’m So Open
8. Small Swift Birds
9. Beneath The Gate
10. Close My Eyes

Disc: 2 / One Soul Now
1. One Soul Now
2. Why This One
3. My Wild Child
4. From Hunting Ground to City
5. Stars of Our Stars
6. Notes Falling Slow
7. No Long Journey Home
8. He Will Call You Baby
9. Simon Keeper
10. The Slide

Disc: 3 / At The End of Paths Taken
1. Brand New World
2. Still Lost
3. Cutting Board Blues
4. Spiral Down
5. My Little Basquiat
6. Someday Soon
7. Follower 2
8. It Doesn’t Really Matter Anyway
9. Blue Eyed Saviour
10. Mountain
11. My Only Guarantee

Disc: 4 / Notes Falling Slow
1. Also One
2. Shrike
3. Morning Cried
4. Cold Evening Wind
5. So They Say
6. Three Wishes
7. The Slide
8. Done Your Time
9. Ikea Parking Lot

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