David Gilmour announces box set editions of his new album, Luck and Strange

2CD+blu-ray & 2LP+blu-ray

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Luck and Strange / David Gilmour Vinyl and CD box sets

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David Gilmour’s forthcoming album Luck and Strange was announced in April with formats on offer including a blu-ray audio, CD and various vinyl editions. Almost two months on, Gilmour has confirmed two box set versions.

There’s a vinyl box and a CD box with both including a 68-page hardback book by Thames & Hudson of exclusive photographs taken by Polly Samson during the recording of the album.

2CD+blu-ray+book box set of Luck and Strange (click image to enlarge)

The vinyl box set contains two LPs on 180g vinyl and the blu-ray, while the CD box contains two CDs and the blu-ray. The extra CD and LP come in dedicated sleeves and have the same five bonus tracks:

  • Yes, I Have Ghosts (with Romany Gilmour)*✝︎
  • Luck and Strange (original Barn Jam)*✝︎
  • A Single Spark (Demo)
  • A Single Spark (Orchestral)✝︎
  • Scattered (Orchestral)✝︎
*Bonus tracks on the standard CD
✝︎ Bonus tracks on the standalone blu-ray

Only one of those bonus tracks – ‘A Single Spark (Demo)’ – is actually exclusive. In fact, the two bonus tracks from the standard CD are omitted from the album on CD 1 in the box and moved to CD 2. The blu-ray audio in both boxes is identical to standalone offering (containing four of the five bonus tracks in Atmos and stereo) although the packshots suggest the packaging is actually inferior (CD-sized card sleeve).

Both Luck and Strange box sets are released on the same date as the other formats, 6 September 2024, via Sony Music. Standalone blu-ray, coloured vinyl and bundles still available via the SDE shop.

2LP+blu-ray+book box set of Luck and Strange (click image to enlarge)


Luck and Strange David Gilmour / Box Sets

    • LP 1 / CD 1
      1. Black Cat
      2. Luck and Strange
      3. The Piper’s Call
      4. A Single Spar
      5. Vita Brevis
      6. Between Two Points (with Romany Gilmour)
      7. Dark and Velvet Nights
      8. Sings
      9. Scattered
    • LP 2 / CD 2

      • Yes, I Have Ghosts (with Romany Gilmour)
      • Luck and Strange (original Barn Jam)
      • A Single Spark (Demo)
      • A Single Spark (Orchestral)
      • Scattered (Orchestral)

    • Blu-ray Audio
      All 13 tracks in Dolby Atmos Mix and (96/24) Hi-Res Stereo 
      1. Black Cat (Gilmour)
      2. Luck and Strange (Gilmour/Samson)
      3. The Piper’s Call (Gilmour/Samson)
      4. A Single Spark (Gilmour/Samson)
      5. Vita Brevis (Gilmour) 
      6. Between Two Points (Tranmer/Quigley)
      7. Dark and Velvet Nights (Gilmour/Samson)
      8. Sings (Gilmour/Samson)
      9. Scattered (D. Gilmour/Samson/C. Gilmour)
      Bonus tracks
      1. Yes, I Have Ghosts (Gilmour/Samson) 
      2. Luck and Strange (Original Barn Jam) (Gilmour/Samson)
      3. A Single Spark (Orchestral) (Gilmour/ Samson)
      4. Scattered (Orchestral) (D. Gilmour/Samson/C. Gilmour)

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