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Pyromania / Def Leppard 4CD+blu-ray

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Def Leppard’s 1983 album Pyromania will be reissued in April across numerous physical editions.

The band’s third studio album was the first to feature guitarist Phil Collen (who had replaced Pete Willis) and launched the band into the rock stratosphere. ‘Photograph’ and ‘Rock of Ages’ were both top 20 singles in America (although the band would have to wait for Hysteria‘s ‘Animal’ to crack the UK top 40) and ‘Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)’ established itself as a Leppard classic. Pyromania also reached No 2 in the US charts.

The ‘top of the range’ edition in what is nominally a 40th anniversary reissue is the 4CD+blu-ray box set. This features the album remastered, a disc of rarities (outtakes, demos, rough mixes), two live CDs (Live at Westfalen Halle, Germany and Live at the LA Forum) and a blu-ray with a Dolby Atmos Mix, a 5.1 mix, a new stereo mix, an instrumental version and five videos. The Atmos Mix has been “overseen by Giles Martin” and the 5.1 and stereo versions are all 48 kHz / 24 bit, in case you are wondering!

4CD+blu-ray Pyromania box set

Joe Elliott who has acted as executive producer on the set, the mastering has been done by the band’s long-serving sound engineers Ronan McHugh and Andy Pearce.

There’s also a 2CD version which features the remastered album and on the second disc a selection of rarities from CD 2 in the box and four live tracks from LA Forum. There’s also two black vinyl editions: one is a single half-speed mastered LP and the other is a 2LP set with 11 rough mixes on the second record (the first record in this set isn’t half-speed mastered).

Pyromania will be reissued on 26 April 2024, via UMC/Mercury.


Pyromania Def Leppard /

    • CD 1: Pyromania (remastered)
      1. Rock Rock (Till You Drop)
      2. Photograph
      3. Stagefright
      4. Too Late For Love
      5. Die Hard The Hunter
      6. Foolin’
      7. Rock Of Ages
      8. Comin’ Under Fire
      9. Action! Not Words
      10. Billy’s Got A Gun
    • CD 2: Rarities
      1. No You Can’t Do That – Outtake
      2. Untitled 1 – Demo
      3. Untitled 2 – Demo
      4. Untitled 3 – Demo
      5. Untitled 4 – Demo
      6. Untitled 5 – Demo
      7. Untitled 6 – Demo
      8. Rock Rock Till You Drop – Demo
      9. Too Late For Love – Demo
      10. Comin’ Under Fire – Demo
      11. Billy’s Got A Gun – Demo
      12. No You Can’t Do That – Demo
      13. Rock Rock (Til You Drop) – Rough Mix Version
      14. Photograph – Rough Mix Version (Unfinished Vocal)
      15. Stagefright – Rough Mix Version
      16. Too Late For Love – Rough Mix Version
      17. Die Hard The Hunter – Rough Mix Version
      18. Foolin’ – Rough Mix Version
      19. Rock Of Ages – Rough Mix Version
      20. Comin’ Under Fire – Rough Mix Version
      21. Action! Not Words – Rough Mix Version (Chorus Only)
      22. Billy’s Got A Gun – Rough Mix Version
    • CD 3: Live Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany / Dec. 18, 1983
      1. Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)
      2. Billy’s Got a Gun
      3. Foolin’
      4. Rock of Ages
      5. Let It Go
      6. Wasted
    • CD 4: Live At The L.A. Forum / Sept. 11, 1983
      1. Rock! Rock!! (Til You Drop)
      2. Rock Brigade
      3. High And Dry (Saturday Night)
      4. Another Hit And Run
      5. Billy’s Got A Gun
      6. Mirror Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)
      7. Foolin’
      8. Photograph
      9. Rock Of Ages
      10. Bringin’ On The Heartbreak
      11. Switch 625
      12. Let It Go
      13. Wasted
      14. Stage Fright
      15. Travellin’ Band
    • Blu-ray
      [Blu-ray: Atmos / 5.1 / New Stereo / Instrumental]
      1. Rock Rock (Til You Drop)
      2. Photograph
      3. Stagefright
      4. Too Late For Love
      5. Die Hard The Hunter
      6. Foolin’
      7. Rock Of Ages
      8. Comin’ Under Fire
      9. Action! Not Words
      10. Billy’s Got A Gun
      1. Photograph – Official Video
      2. Rock Of Ages – Official Video
      3. Foolin’ – Official Video
      4. Too Late for Love – Official Video / Supersonic (Historia)
      5. Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) – Official Video / Japanese Show (Historia)

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