Del Amitri / 2CD deluxe reissues


January 2014 sees the reissue of three Del Amitri albums.

Waking Hours (1989), Change Everything (1992), and Twisted (1995) will all be re-released as two-CD deluxe editions on Universal Music’s Re-presents imprint. The albums have been re-mastered from the original tapes and include new sleeve notes by music journalist Terry Staunton. Each is packaged with a second CD containing mainly B-sides.

The Scottish band’s hits included Nothing Ever Happens, Kiss This Thing Goodbye, Always The Last To Know and the surprise US top ten hit Roll To Me.

Del Amitri will also tour next year  for the first time in over a decade. The reissues are out on 20 January 2014.


Track listings


Waking Hours

Disc 1

  1. Kiss This Thing Goodbye
  2. Opposite View
  3. Move Away Jimmy Blue
  4. Stone Cold Sober
  5. You’re Gone
  6. When I Want You
  7. This Side Of The Morning
  8. Empty
  9. Hatful Of Rain
  10. Nothing Ever Happens

Disc 2

  1. No Holding On (B-Side Kiss This Thing Goodbye)
  2. Slowly, It’s Coming Back (B-Side Kiss This Thing Goodbye)
  3. Fred Partington’s Daughter (B-Side Kiss This Thing Goodbye)
  4. The Return Of Maggie Brown (B-Side Stone Cold Sober)
  5. Talk It To Death (B-Side Stone Cold Sober)
  6. So Many Souls To Change (B-Side Nothing Ever Happens)
  7. Don’t I Look Like The Kind Of Guy You Used To Hate (B-Side Nothing Ever Happens)
  8. Evidence (B-Side Nothing Ever Happens)
  9. Another Letter Home (B-Side Move Away Jimmy Blue)
  10. April The First (B-Side Move Away Jimmy Blue)
  11. More Than You’d Ever Know (B-Side Move Away Jimmy Blue)
  12. This Side Of The Morning (Live in the Car Park at 2 AM) (B-Side Move Away Jimmy Blue)
  13. Spit In The Rain (Spit in The Rain)
  14. The Return Of Maggie Brown – Ver 2 (Spit in The Rain)


Change Everything

Disc 1

  1. Be My Downfall
  2. Just Like A Man
  3. When You Were Young
  4. Surface of the Moon
  5. I Won’t Take the Blame
  6. The First Rule of Love
  7. The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere
  8. Always the Last to Know
  9. To Last a Lifetime
  10. As Soon as the Tide Comes In
  11. Behind the Fool
  12. Sometimes I Just Have to Say Your Name

Disc 2

  1. Learn to Cry (B-Side Always the Last to Know)
  2. Angel on the Roof (B-Side Always the Last to Know)
  3. The Whole World Is Quiet (B-Side Always the Last to Know)
  4. Whiskey Remorse (B-Side Be My Downfall)
  5. Lighten Up the Load (B-Side Be My Downfall)
  6. The Heart Is a Bad Design (B-Side Be My Downfall)
  7. Don’t Cry No Tears (B-Side Just Like A Man)
  8. Bye Bye Pride (B-Side Just Like A Man)
  9. Cindy Incidentally (B-Side Just Like A Man)
  10. Spit in the Rain – Remix (B-Side Just Like A Man)
  11. I Won’t Take the Blame – Acoustic (B-Side Just Like A Man)
  12. Scared to Live (B-Side Just Like A Man)
  13. Long Journey Home (B-Side When You Were Young)
  14. The Verb to Do (B-Side When You Were Young)
  15. Kestral Road (B-Side When You Were Young)
  16. The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere [Live] (B-Side When You Were Young)
  17. Kiss This Thing Goodbye [Live] (B-Side When You Were Young)
  18. Hatful of Rain [Live] (B-Side When You Were Young)



Disc 1

  1. Food for Songs
  2. Start with Me
  3. Here and Now
  4. One Thing Left to Do
  5. Tell Her This
  6. Being Somebody Else
  7. Roll To Me
  8. Crashing Down
  9. It Might as Well Be You
  10. Never Enough
  11. It’s Never Too Late to Be Alone
  12. Driving with the Brakes On

Disc 2

  1. Long Way Down (B-Side Hear And Now)
  2. Life by Mistake (B-Side Driving With The Brakes On)
  3. In the Meantime (B-Side Driving With The Brakes On)
  4. A Little Luck (B-Side Driving With The Brakes On)
  5. In the Frame (B-Side Roll To Me)
  6. Queen of False Alarms (B-Side Hear And Now)
  7. The Last Love Song (B-Side Tell Her This)
  8. A Better Man (B-Side Tell Her This)
  9. One Thing Left to Do [Acoustic Version] (B-Side Roll To Me)
  10. Food for Songs [Acoustic] (B-Side Roll To Me)
  11. Move Away Jimmy Blue [Remix] (B-Side Roll To Me)
  12. Stone Cold Sober [Remix] (B-Side Roll To Me)
  13. When You Were Young [Alternative Version] (B-Side Tell Her This)
  14. Crashing Down (Twisted Bonus Live Disc)
  15. Move Away Jimmy Blue (Twisted Bonus Live Disc)
  16. Stone Cold Sober [Live] (B-Side Hear And Now)

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