Fatboy Slim / You’ve Come A Long Way Baby 20th anniversary reissue

No bonus audio • ‘Meal Deal’ deluxe set delivered in pizza box

BMG will issue a 20th anniversary edition of Fatboy Slim‘s 1998 album You’ve Come A Long Way Baby as in March.

The album was a big success when it was released (reaching number one) and delivered four UK top ten hits: The Rockafeller Skank, Gangster Tripping, Praise You, and Right Here, Right Now.

Unlike the two-CD 10th anniversary edition of 2008, and even though these are being described as ‘deluxe’ editions, this reissues delivers no bonus audio at all, with BMG repackaging it as one of their ‘art of the album’ reissues with new sleeve notes (by Ralph Moore).

It will be available as a single casebound book CD edition, a 2LP vinyl package (which includes a six-page 12-inch booklet and an art card of the album cover) and a special ‘meal deal’ combo set which includes the CD, the 2LP vinyl and an XXL T-shirt in a pizza-style box set. The latter is exclusive to the Official Fatboy Slim Shop (as is the standard CD right now).

There’s no mention at all about remastering (not that it really needs it) and to be honest it’s all rather underwhelming; having a T-shirt in a pizza box that is probably not going to fit you (“in authentic Fatboy XXL size”) just about says it all, really.

You’ve Come A Long Way Baby will be reissued as a 20th anniversary edition on 16 March 2018.

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Fatboy Slim

You've Come A Long Way Baby - 2008 2CD deluxe


CD track listing

01. Right Here Right Now
02. Rockafeller Skank
03. Fucking in Heaven
04. Gangster Trippin
05. Build It Up, Tear It Down
06. Kalifornia
07. Soul Surfing
08. You’re Not from Brighton
09. Praise You
10. Love Island
11. Acid 8000

2LP vinyl track listing

A1. Right Here Right Now
A2. Rockafeller Skank
A3. Fucking in Heaven

B1. Gangster Trippin
B2. Build It Up, Tear It Down
B3. Kalifornia

C1. Soul Surfing
C2. You’re Not from Brighton
C3. Praise You

D1. Love Island
D2. Acid 8000

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