Giles Martin to work with INXS as creative lead on future projects

Following the successful reissue of INXSKick album last year – a 3CD+blu-ray set that features a Giles Martin (& Sam Okell) Dolby Atmos Mix – Universal Music Group have announced that the renowned producer and son of ‘fifth Beatle’ George Martin has been named as ‘Executive Music Director’ across a variety of future ‘ground-breaking’ projects.

Giles will have a “creative overview on all audio aspects of upcoming INXS developments”, including a forthcoming documentary and what is described as “the reimagining of the INXS catalogue” through a dynamic and entirely unique live theatre show and their forthcoming repackaged, remixed and expanded studio albums, to be released via Universal Music Group (UMG) in partnership with Petrol Records.

Giles Martin said: “Having worked across several phenomenal INXS releases over the years, I am thrilled to be extending our musical relationship. INXS are one of the most important rock bands in history, I am honoured to be collaborating with them again and look forward to contributing to the spectacular experiences the band are creating for their fans.”

I see this as good news for INXS fans. Martin is a surround sound enthusiast and a champion of Dolby Atmos which means that there’s a good chance subsequent albums may well include a blu-ray with a surround mix, just like Kick. He’s also very influential and very much an industry ‘heavyweight’. He’s the safe pair of hands Universal trust when developing and working on The Beatles reissues. If nothing else, this announcement is confirmation of a commitment to deliver more INXS deluxe album reissues.

Kick 30 was issued in November last year.

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Kick 30 - 3CD+blu-ray deluxe edition

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Kick 30 - half-speed mastered 2LP vinyl

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Kick 30 / 3CD+Blu-ray deluxe edition

1. Guns In The Sky
2. New Sensation
3. Devil Inside
4. Need You Tonight
5. Mediate
6. The Loved One
7. Wild Life
8. Never Tear Us Apart
9. Mystify
10. Kick
11. Calling All Nations
12. Tiny Daggers

1. Move On [Guitar Version]
2. I’m Coming (Home)
3. Mediate [Live From America]
4. Never Tear Us Apart [Live From America]
5. Kick [Live From America]
6. On The Rocks
7. Do Wot You Do
8. Mystify [Chicago Demo]
9. Jesus Was A Man [Demo]
10. The Trap [Demo]
11. Guns In The Sky [Kick Ass Remix]
12. Need You Tonight [Mendelsohn Extended Mix]
13. Move On

(tracks in bold, new additions compared to KICK 25)

1. Never Tear Us Apart [Soul Version]
2. New Sensation [Nick 12” Mix]
3. New Sensation [Nick 7” Mix]
4. Devil Inside [Extended Remix]
5. Devil Inside [7” Version]
6. Devil Inside [Radio Edit]
7. Different World [12” Version]
8. Different World [7” Version]
9. Need You Tonight [Big Bump Mix]
10. Need You Tonight [Ben Liebrand Mix]
11. Need You Tonight [Mendelsohn 7″ Edit]
12. Guns in the Sky [Kookaburra Mix]
13. Calling All Nations [Kids On Bridges Remix]
14. Shine Like it Does [Live]


1. Kick Mixed in Dolby Atmos & High Definition Audio
2. Promo Videos
Guns In The Sky
New Sensation
Devil Inside
Need You Tonight
Never Tear Us Apart
Kick [New 2017 promo]

Kick 30 / 2LP half-speed mastered vinyl

Side A
1 Guns in the Sky
2 New Sensation
3 Devil Inside

Side B
1 Need You Tonight
2 Mediate
3 The Loved One

Side C
1 Wild Life
2 Never Tear Us Apart
3 Mystify

Side D
1 Kick
2 Calling All Nations
3 Tiny Daggers

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