Grace Jones Disco blu-ray offers hi-res download bonus


SDE has discovered that if you buy the blu-ray audio version of the newly released Grace Jones Disco set (which gathers together the Portfolio, Fame and Muse albums plus extensive bonus tracks) the download code offers hi-res WAV files instead of the usual MP3s.

The ‘Pure Audio’ brand/initiative is a couple of years old now and music fans have consistently scratched their heads over why the record companies would offer low quality MP3s to an audience that clearly values hi-res music. This time around – seemingly as an experiment – the download code DOES offer hi-res WAV files and because this release is an unusually generous offering, with 43 tracks, the download comes in at a whopping 7.1 gigs of data!

At the time of writing this blu-ray audio is just £14.50 on Amazon UK. For that you are getting three Grace Jones albums and 21 bonus tracks (largely remixes) on physical hi-res AND a hi-res download. That’s an incredible deal worth highlighting.

Disco is out this week and is also available on three-CD and four-LP box sets – you can read more details here. In the meantime, leave a comment and let SDE know whether the hi-res download would make you more likely to buy future ‘pure audio’ physical products – you have an opportunity to influence future releases!


Blu-ray Audio

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