Is It Loud Enough? Michael Schenker: 1980 – 1983

Remastered 6CD set of studio albums and rarities

Is It Loud Enough / Michael Schenker 1980-1983

Is It Loud Enough? Michael Schenker: 1980 – 1983 is a new 6CD box set due for release next month.

German hard rock guitarist Schenker was a member of Scorpions and UFO – before starting a solo career in 1979, when he formed the Michael Schenker Group, alongside British musicians. The band played an important part in the growing heavy metal scene, with Schenker having built a reputation as an exciting guitarist who’d had a turbulent time in UFO, sometimes walking off stage mid-song.

The box set includes four studio albums, Michael Schenker Group, MSG, Assault Attack and Built to Destroy (both UK and US versions), as well as a disc of demos and alternative versions, and one featuring unreleased material, with early studio takes and rough monitor mixes. All the music has been remastered at AIR Mastering, using original tape transfers. Despite the years mentioned in the title of the compilation, there are also some demo recordings from 1979 included.

The set is housed in a two-piece slipcase box, with all the original album art reproduced as mini-LP sleeves, including inners. There is also a 52-page booklet with sleeve notes featuring newly conducted interviews with Schenker and fellow band members Gary Barden and Graham Bonnet, by Jerry Ewing.

Is It Loud Enough? Michael Schenker: 1980 – 1983 is released on 29 March 2024 via Chrysalis Records.


Is It Loud Enough / Michael Schenker 1980-1983

Is It Loud Enough? Michael Schenker: 1980 – 1983 Michael Schenker /

    • CD 1 : Michael Schenker Group
      1. Armed and Ready
      2. Cry for the Nations
      3. Victim of Illusion
      4. Bijou Pleasurette
      5. Feels Like a Good Thing
      6. Into the Arena
      7. Looking out from Nowhere
      8. Tales of Mystery
      9. Lost Horizons
    • CD 2: MSG
      1. Ready to Rock
      2. Attack of the Mad Axeman
      3. On and On
      4. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
      5. But I Want More
      6. Never Trust a Stranger
      7. Looking for Love
      8. Secondary Motion
    • CD 3: Assault Attack
      1. Assault Attack
      2. Rock You to the Ground
      3. Dancer
      4. Samurai
      5. Desert Song
      6. Broken Promises
      7. Searching for a Reason
      8. Ulcer
    • CD4: Built To Destroy
      1. Rock My Nights Away (Original Mix)
      2. I’m Gonna Make You Mine (Original Mix)
      3. The Dogs of War (Original Mix)
      4. Systems Failing (Original Mix)
      5. Captain Nemo (Original Mix)
      6. Still Love That Little Devil (Original Mix)
      7. Red Sky (Original Mix)
      8. Time Waits (For No One) (Original Mix)
      9. Walk the Stage (Original Mix)
      10. I’m Gonna Make You Mine (U.S Mix)
      11. Time Waits (For No One) (U.S Mix)
      12. Systems Failing (U.S Mix)
      13. Rock Will Never Die (U.S Mix)
      14. Red Sky (U.S Mix)
      15. Rock My Nights Away (U.S Mix)
      16. Captain Nemo (U.S Mix)
      17. The Dogs of War (U.S Mix)
      18. Still Love That Little Devil (U.S Mix)
    • CD5: Demos & Alternate Versions
      1. Just A Lover (1979 Demo)
      2. Looking Out From Nowhere (1979 Demo)
      3. Get Up And Get Down (1979 Demo)
      4. After Midnight (1979 Demo)
      5. Breakout (1979 Demo)
      6. Cry For The Nations (Radio Edit).
      7. Armed and Ready (Guitar Hero: Metallica)
      8. Dogs Of War (Edit)
      9. Never Trust A Stranger (Monitor Mix)
      10. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Sounds Flexi Edit)
      11. Girl From Uptown (Single Version)
      12. Dancer (DJ 7inch Edit)
      13. Don’t Take It Out On Me (Non-Album Track)
    • CD6: Unreleased
      1. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Rough Monitor Mix)
      2. Attack Of The Mad Axeman (Alt. Version – Monitor Mix)
      3. Never Say Die (Live Rehearsal Take)
      4. On And On (Rough Monitor Mix
      5. Looking For Love (Monitor Mix)
      6. But I Want More (Rough Monitor Mix)
      7. Girl From Uptown (Alternate Version)
      8. Rock You To The Ground (Rough Alt. Mix)
      9. Ulcer (Early Studio Take)
      10. Captain Nemo (Early Studio Take)

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