JJ Cale / Tulsa Sound 9LP box

9LP coloured vinyl box set

JJ Cale / Tulsa Sound 9LP coloured vinyl box set

The 50th anniversary of the career of songwriter and guitarist JJ Cale is marked by the release of Tulsa Sound, a limited edition coloured vinyl 9LP box set.

This new package offers Cale’s first eight albums – Naturally, Really, Okie, Troubadour, 5, Shades, Grasshopper and #8 – and a bonus LP called The Early Years which is a collection of his 1960s singles.

Tulsa Sound is a 9LP coloured vinyl box set (click image to enlarge)

The audio has all been remastered at Abbey Road and this box also includes All have been a 40-page hardcover book with a foreword from a certain Mark Knopfler.

One of the most important artists in the history of rock, quietly representing the greatest asset his country has ever had… His records are really minimal, light, it’s all about finesse. It’s almost like he’s whispering in your ear but you hear everything single word. I don’t know how he does it. It’s such a cunning technique.”

Eric Clapton on JJ Cale

The unassuming Cale was raised in Tulsa, hence the ‘Tulsa Sound’ that he was crediting with originating. His work in this vinyl box spans the period 1971 to 1983. Cale’s influence was enormous, with many, many artists covering his work including The Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton, Captain Beefheart, Santana, Jerry Garcia and more.

Tulsa Sound will be released on 6 October 2023 via UMR.


JJ Cale / Tulsa Sound 9LP coloured vinyl box set

Tulsa Sound JJ Cale / 9LP coloured vinyl box set

    • LP 1 – Naturally (1971)
      Side A
      1. Call Me The Breeze
      2. Call The Doctor
      3. Don’t Go To Strangers
      4. Woman I Love
      5. Magnolia
      6. Clyde
      Side B
      1. Crazy Mama
      2. Nowhere To Run
      3. After Midnight
      4. River Runs Deep
      5. Bringing It Back
      6. Crying Eyes
    • LP 2 – Really (1972)
      Side A
      1. Lies
      2. Everything Will Be Alright
      3. I’ll Kiss The World Goodbye
      4. Changes
      5. Right Down Here
      6. If You’re Ever In Oklahoma
      Side B
      1. Ridin Home
      2. Going Down
      3. Soulin
      4. Playing In The Street
      5. Mo Jo
      6. Louisiana Women
    • LP 3 – Okie (1974)
      Side A
      1. Crying
      2. I’ll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)
      3. Starbound
      4. Rock And Roll Records
      5. The Old Man And Me
      6. Everlovin’ Woman
      Side B
      1. Cajun Moon
      2. I’d Like To Love You Baby
      3. Anyway The Wind Blows
      4. Precious Memories
      5. Okie
      6. I Got The Same Old Blues
    • LP 4 – Troubadour (1976)
      Side A
      1. Hey Baby
      2. Travelin’ Light
      3. You Got Something
      4. Ride Me High
      5. Hold On
      6. Cocaine
      Side B
      1. I’m A Gypsy Man
      2. The Woman That Got Away
      3. Super Blue
      4. Let Me Do It To You
      5. Cherry
      6. You Got Me On So Bad
    • LP 5 – 5 (1979)
      Side A
      1. Thirteen Days
      2. Boilin’ Pot
      3. I’ll Make Love To You Anytime
      4. Don’t Cry Sister
      5. Too Much For Me
      6. Sensitive Kind
      Side B
      1. Friday
      2. Lou-Easy-Ann
      3. Let’s Go To Tahiti
      4. Katy Kool Lady
      5. Fate Of A Fool
      6. Mona
    • LP 6 – Shades (1981)
      Side A
      1. Carry On
      2. Deep Dark Dungeon
      3. Wish I Had Not Said That
      4. Pack My Jack
      5. If You Leave Her
      Side B
      1. Mama Don’t
      2. Runaround
      3. What Do You Expect
      4. Love Has Been Gone
      5. Cloudy Day
    • LP 7 – Grasshopper (1982)
      Side A
      1. City Girls
      2. Devil In Disguise
      3. One Step Ahead Of The Blues
      4. You Keep Me Hangin’ On
      5. Downtown L.A.
      6. Can’t Live Here
      7. Grasshopper
      Side B
      1. Drifters Wife
      2. Don’t Wait
      3. A Thing Going On
      4. Nobody But You
      5. Mississippi River
      6. Does Your Mama Like To
      7. Reggae
      8. Dr. Jive
    • LP 8 – #8 (1983)
      Side A
      1. Money Talks
      2. Losers
      3. Hard Times
      4. Reality
      5. Takin’ Care Of Business
      Side B
      1. People Lie
      2. Unemployment
      3. Trouble In The City
      4. Teardrops In My Tequila
      5. Livin’ Here Too
    • LP 9 – The Early Years
      Side A
      1. Dick Tracy
      2. It’s A Go-Go Place
      3. Outside Looking In
      Side B
      1. In Our Time
      2. After Midnight
      3. Slow Motion

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