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Rhino will reissue Joy Division‘s two studio albums Unknown Pleasures and Closer on vinyl next month, followed closely by similar vinyl re-releases of compilations Still and Substance (with the latter newly expanded).

All these 180g records use the 2007 remasters except Substance which uses a 2010 remastering. Both Still and Substance will be gatefold two-LP sets and for the first time on vinyl, the expanded track listing from the original CD release of Substance is used here PLUS plus two additional songs: As You Said and the Pennine version of Love Will Tear Us Apart. This 19-track version will also be issued on CD.

Rhino have promised that “each design replicates the original in painstaking detail” and Unknown Pleasures and Closer will be re-released on 29 June with the two vinyl compilations and the new CD edition of Substance following on July 24 2015.

For some reason the 2LP Substance is just £18 at the time of writing (in the UK) whereas Still is £31. So either the former is a bargain or the latter is overpriced. You decide!


Unknown Pleasures vinyl LP


Closer vinyl LP


Still vinyl 2LP


Substance new expanded 2LP

Track listing

Unknown Pleasures
Side A
1. “Disorder”
2. “Day of the Lords”
3. “Candidate”
4. “Insight”
5. “New Dawn Fades”

Side B
1. “She’s Lost Control”
2. “Shadowplay”
3. “Wilderness”
4. “Interzone”
5. “I Remember Nothing”

Side A
1. “Atrocity Exhibition”
2. “Isolation”
3. “Passover”
4. “Colony”
5. “A Means to an End”

Side B
1. “Heart and Soul”
2. “Twenty Four Hours”
3. “The Eternal”
4. “Decades”

Still (2LP)
Side A
1. “Exercise One”
2. “Ice Age”
3. “The Sound of Music”
4. “Glass”
5. “The Only Mistake”

Side B
1. “Walked in Line”
2. “The Kill”
3. “Something Must Break”
4. “Dead Souls”
5. “Sister Ray”

Side C
1. “Ceremony”
2. “Shadowplay”
3. “Means to an End”
4. “Passover”
5. “New Dawn Fades”
6. “Twenty Four Hours”

Side D
1. “Transmission”
2. “Disorder”
3. “Isolation”
4. “Decades”
5. “Digital”

Substance (1CD and 2LP Track Listing)
1. “Warsaw”
2. “Leaders Of Men”
3. “Digital”
4. “Autosuggestion”
5. “Transmission”
6. “She’s Lost Control”
7. “Incubation”
8. “Dead Souls”
9. “Atmosphere”
10. “Love Will Tear Us Apart”
11. “No Love Lost”
12. “Failures”
13. “Glass”
14. “From Safety To Where”
15. “Novelty”
16. “Komakino”
17. “As You Said”
18. “These Days”
19. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (Pennine Version)

Unknown Pleasures vinyl LP

Closer vinyl LP

Still vinyl 2LP

Substance new expanded 2LP

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