Julian Cope / vinyl reissues

Universal Music is to release vinyl reissues of four Julian Cope albums, originally recorded for Island Records between 1987 and 1992.

Saint Julian (1987), My Nation Underground (1988) Peggy Suicide (1991) and Jevohkill (1992) will all be re-released on vinyl with original packaging replicated. That means that Saint Julian comes with the four-page booklet, the inner bag that houses My Nation Underground is as per the original, Peggy Suicide is a gatefold package and Jehovakill has the etched side four with the three ‘phases’ on sides one, two and three (this also has the CD booklet insert, as per the original).

The single World Shut Your Mouth shared its title with the first album but was actually from Saint Julian

After a hit-free tenure at Mercury Records, for whom Cope recorded 1984’s World Shut Your Mouth and Fried, he left the label and signed to Island in early 1986. The four albums, to varying degrees, were critical and/or commercial successes, and between them managed to deliver four top 40 hit singles: World Shut Your Mouth and Trampolene (from Saint Julian), Charlotte Anne (from My Nation Underground) and the Beautiful Love EP (from Peggy Suicide).

Julian Cope performs Charlotte Anne on UK TV’s ‘Wogan’

Despite the acclaim, for Peggy Suicide in particular, 1992’s Jehovahkill proved a little too niche and esoteric for Island Records who promptly dropped Julian Cope just after it was released.

Beautiful Love from Peggy Suicide

All four of these albums will be reissued on 180g vinyl on 19 February 2018.

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Julian Cope

Saint Julian - vinyl LP


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Julian Cope

My Nation Underground - vinyl LP


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Julian Cope

Peggy Suicide - 2LP vinyl

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Julian Cope

Jehovahkill - 2LP vinyl

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Saint Julian

Side 1

  1. Trampolene
  2. Shot Down
  3. Eve’s Volcano (Covered In Sin)
  4. Spacehopper
  5. Planet Ride

Side 2

  1. World Shut Your Mouth
  2. Saint Julian
  3. Pulsar
  4. Screaming Secrets
  5. A Crack In The Clouds

My Nation Underground

Side 1

  1. 5 O’Clock World
  2. Vegetation
  3. Charlotte Anne
  4. My Nation Underground

Side 2

  1. China Doll
  2. Someone Like Me
  3. Easter Everywhere
  4. I’m Not Losing Sleep
  5. The Great White Hoax

Peggy Suicide (2LP)

Side 1

  1. Pristeen
  2. Double Vegetation
  3. East Easy Rider
  4. Promised Land
  5. Hanging Out & Hung Up On The Line

 Side 2

  1. Safesurfer
  2. If You Loved Me At All
  3. Drive, She Said

Side 3

  1. Soldier Blue
  2. You…
  3. Not Raving But Drowning
  4. Head
  5. Leperskin

 Side 4

  1. Beautiful Love
  2. Western Front 1992 CE
  3. Hung Up & Hanging Out To Dry
  4. The American Lite
  5. Las Vegas Basement


Phase 1

  1. Soul Desert
  2. No Hard Shoulder To Cry On
  3. Akhenaten
  4. The Mystery Trend
  5. Up-Wards At 45º
  6. Know (Cut My Friend Down)

Phase 2

  1. Necropolis
  2. Slow Rider
  3. Gimme Back My Flag
  4. Poet Is Priest…
  5. Julian H. Cope

Phase 3

  1. The Subtle Energies Commission
  2. Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fine
  3. Fear Loves This Place
  4. The Tower
  5. Peggy Suicide Is Missing

Etched side 4

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