Listen to the new Gilbert O’Sullivan single, ‘Let Me Know’

New album ‘Driven’ is out in a couple of weeks

Gilbert O’Sullivan has made another song from his forthcoming album available. Let Me Know is the number in question and you can watch the video below.

The poppy and mid-paced ‘Let Me Know’ is one of 13 tracks on the new record, which includes collaborations with KT Tunstall and Mick Hucknall.

Don’t forget that Driven is available as an SDE-exclusive blu-ray audio, #3 in the SDE Surround Series! It features Dolby Atmos and 5.1 mixes (both by Richard Whittaker) and a stereo version of Driven. This is a very exclusive run of just 750 copies and they are all signed by Gilbert himself! We are all but sold out, but if you want to secure one of the last few copies then place a pre-order via the SDE shop using this link or the button below.

TECHNICAL NOTES: This blu-ray audio requires a blu-ray player. Decoding the Dolby Atmos mix requires a Dolby Atmos-certified soundbar or a Dolby Atmos-compatible AV Receiver/Amp. The Dolby Atmos mix will ‘fold down’ to 5.1 or stereo if a Dolby Atmos decoder is not detected. 
EU SHIPPING NOTES: If you are ordering from the EU please be aware that that goods may be subject to import VAT when they arrive from the UK. The prices the SDE shop charge you do not include VAT.

Driven is released on 22 July 2022 and is also available on CD and vinyl (see below).

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Gilbert O'Sullivan

Driven - signed CD



Driven Gilbert O’Sullivan / SDE-exclusive blu-ray audio

    • Dolby Atmos, 5.1 and stereo
      1. Love Casualty
      2. Blue Anchor Bay
      3. Let Bygones Be Bygones (featuring Mick Hucknall)
      4. Body and Mind
      5. What Are You Waiting For
      6. Let Me Know
      7. Take Love (featuring KT Tunstall)
      8. Back and Forth
      9. If Only Love Had Ears
      10. You Can’t Say I Didn’t Try
      11. You and Me Babe
      12. Hey Man
      13. Don’t Get Under Each Other’s Skin

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