My Bloody Valentine reissues

Newly cut vinyl and CD editions

Domino will reissue My Bloody Valentine‘s three studio albums as new vinyl pressings (and on CD) along with EP’s 1988-1991 as a two-CD set

1988 debut Isn’t Anything, 1991’s Loveless and 2013’s m b v all come in gatefold sleeves and pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl. m b v additionally includes a set of five card artwork prints (264mm x 264mm).

There are actually two versions of each vinyl, one standard which is cut from digital and a ‘deluxe’ which is analog-cut, and comes in a slightly thicker ‘tip on’ sleeve. The latter were rather limited and appear to be sold out in most places almost immediately (note that the prints in MBV come with both versions). In fact, the digital-cut vinyl is already mostly sold out at Rough Trade in the UK!

m b v vinyl comes with five artwork prints

The two-CD EP’s 1988-1991 (which was first issued in 2012) is newly available, although it isn’t being issued on vinyl and still remains officially unavailable on that format.

All three studio albums are also available on CD with card gatefold sleeves. Loveless is actually a two-CD set, contained in a six-panel wallet, with two versions of the album:

  • CD1 – loveless (Remastered from original 1630 tape)
  • CD2 – loveless (Half inch analogue tape)

The former is a digital format while the latter clearly isn’t! Incidentally, all of the vinyl comes with download cards for MP3 and/or WAV files.

All the My Bloody Valentine vinyl and CDs are released on 21 May 2021.


Isn’t Anything My Bloody Valentine /

    • Side A
      1. Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)
      2. Lose My Breath
      3. Cupid Come
      4. (When You Wake) You’re Still In A Dream
      5. No More Sorry
      6. All I Need
    • Side B
      1. Feed Me With Your Kiss
      2. Sueisfine
      3. Several Girls Galore
      4. You Never Should
      5. Nothing Much To Lose
      6. I Can See It (But I Can’t Feel It


Loveless My Bloody Valentine /

    • Side A
      1. only shallow
      2. loomer
      3. touched
      4. to here knows when
      5. when you sleep
      6. i only said
    • Side B
      1. come in alone
      2. sometimes
      3. blown a wish
      4. what you want
      5. soon


EP’s 1988-1991 My Bloody Valentine /

    • CD 1
      1. you made me realise
      2. slow
      3. thorn
      4. cigarette in your bed
      5. drive it all over me
      6. feed me with your kiss
      7. i believe
      8. emptiness inside
      9. i need no trust
      10. soon
      11. glider
      12. don’t ask why
      13. off your face
    • CD 2
      1. to here knows when
      2. swallow
      3. honey power
      4. moon song
      5. instrumental no. 2
      6. instrumental no. 1
      7. glider (full length version)
      8. sugar
      9. angel
      10. good for you
      11. how do you do it


m b v My Bloody Valentine /

    • Side A
      1. she found now
      2. only tomorrow
      3. who sees you
      4. is this and yes
    • Side B
      1. if i am
      2. new you
      3. in another way
      4. nothing is
      5. wonder 2

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