Paul McCartney / “Wings Over America” deluxe edition track listing

Paul McCartney / Wings Over America Archive Collection reissue

The track listing, and other details around Paul McCartney‘s forthcoming Wings Over America deluxe edition, have leaked and – assuming they are correct – it is looking like we will be getting the following physical formats on 4 June 2013:

  • • A 2CD standard edition
  • • A 3CD+DVD deluxe edition
  • • A 3LP vinyl edition

The two-CD standard edition will simply be a remastered version of the previous CD release (in new packaging, of course) that turned the triple album into a two-CD set. The deluxe edition will add an extra eight-track CD of alternative live performances of songs already on the album-proper. A DVD completes the audio/video content of the deluxe edition and will contain the 75 minute film Wings Over The World. The Rockshow film is being released separately on DVD and Blu-ray – details of that can be found here.

Of course being the deluxe edition, it’s not just about the music and video. There will be a 136-page book telling the story of the tour (programs, pictures, memorabilia, lyrics, notes etc), 60 pages of exclusive photos of the tour from Linda, and 80 pages of vintage drawings by Humphrey Ocean.

Paul and Linda by Humphrey Ocean (80 pages of such images included)
Paul Linda, Philadelphia / Humphrey Ocean drawings
Paul McCartney and Wings /  Wings Over America Deluxe Edition Humphrey Ocean drawings
Jimmy McCulloch at the start of the day /  Humphrey Ocean drawings

We should stress that none of this has been officially confirmed at the time of writing, but seasoned McCartney Archive Collection deluxe purchasers will likely acknowledge that it sounds about right. Also, amazon pre-orders certainly confirm the formats (see below).

Points of interest are that McCartney’s team and Hear Music have chosen NOT to do what the 1999 Japanese mini-LP CD issue did, which was to issue Wings Over America across THREE CDs and maintain the original triple album. Also, if the spec is correct, there is a surprising lack of tour related memorabilia – backstage passes, lanyards, T-shirts etc. We do expect a reproduction of the original Wings Over America poster that came with the vinyl album to be included, although it isn’t mentioned on the specs we’ve seen.

As with the RAM deluxe reissue from last May, McCartney’s website is quite likely to sell some exclusive bundles which will probably include an appropriately vintage looking Wings Over America T-Shirt.

Only the archive Wings Over The World film is listed in the leaked specs as the content on the DVD, but don’t be surprised if it also contains some additional content such as a new documentary (as with RAM). Although some reports are suggesting Rockshow will be included with the deluxe set, we think not. Releasing Rockshow separately is logical, because it allows McCartney’s team and Hear Music to sidestep the headache of whether to include Blu-ray and DVD in the deluxe box, or issue two different versions of the deluxe box (one with DVD and one with Blu-ray). No Blu-ray has been issued with the previous four McCartney deluxe sets and it doesn’t look like they are going to start now. Unlike Rockshow, most punters will be happy enough with Wings Over The World ‘just’ on DVD.

We do not know how all this content will be housed. Like RAM, we look to be getting more than one book, so a proper boxed set must be the solution. It is probable that the height of 310mm and width of 255mm will be maintained to provide bookshelf consistency with the previous four sets.

The official announcement of this set is expected within the next two weeks.

Paul McCartney / Wings Over America Japanese release
The 1999 Japanese limited mini LP CD release (TOCP-65507) maintained the triple album format on CD. No other issue – including the forthcoming deluxe – has ever done this

PRE-ORDER the Wings Over America reissue:

Paul McCartney / Wings Over America 2CD reissue

2CD Standard Edition

Paul McCartney / Wings Over America Deluxe Edition photo

Deluxe 3CD+DVD with four books and slip case

Paul McCartney / Wings Over America 3LP vinyl reissue

Vinyl 3xLP edition

Wings Over America track listing

1. Venus And Mars / Rock Show / Jet
2. Let Me Roll It
3. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
4. Jar5 Medicine. Maybe I’m Amazed
6. Call Me Back Again
7. Lady Madonna
8. The Long And Winding Road
9. Live And Let Die
10. Picasso’s Last Words
11. Richard Cory
12. Bluebird
13. I’ve Just Seen A Face
14. Blackbird
15. Yesterday

1. You Gave Me The Answer
2. Magneto And Titanium Man
3. Go Now4. My Love
5. Listen To What The Man Said
6. Let ‘Em In7. Time To Hide
8. Silly Love Songs
9. Beware My Love
10. Letting Go
11. Band on the Run
12. Hi Hi Hi
13. Soily

CD3 (Recorded live at the Cow Palace in San Francisco) [Deluxe only]
1. Let Me Roll It
2. Maybe I’m Amazed
3. Lady Madonna
4. Live And Let Die
5. Picasso’s Last Words
6. Bluebird
7. Blackbird
8. Yesterday

DVD [Deluxe only]

Wings Over The World – 75 minute documentary

Deluxe also includes:

  • 80 pages of drawings by Humphrey Ocean
  • 60 pages of exclusive photos from the diary of the tour by Linda
  • 136 page book telling the story of the tour

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