Public Enemy / Live from Metropolis Studios / super deluxe

Last August hip-hop legends Public Enemy performed an intimate show at London’s Metropolis Studios, giving 125 lucky fans a chance to see them up close and personal. Inevitably, this was filmed and recorded and this September will be released across five different formats including a super deluxe edition box set.

Public Enemy Live From Metropolis Studios features almost 120 minutes of the band’s biggest hits, including Shut Em Down, Bring The Noise, Fight The Power and 911 Is A Joke and will be issued on high definition 1080p blu-ray and DVD (both with 5.1 surround) and as a 2CD ‘soundtrack’ set. A 2LP black vinyl will also be released.

However, what you really want is the limited edition Super Deluxe Edition box set! This brings together the blu-ray, the 2CD, and an exclusive double vinyl LP specially pressed on clear vinyl. The box also comes with a 12-inch booklet and an MP3 download voucher.

The good news is that while the double black vinyl in the UK is £30 on its own, if you purchase the super deluxe box from Italy, the price is just under £38 at the time of writing. So £8 extra gets you the blu-ray, the double-CD, the clear vinyl and the box and all the packaging! That’s an amazing deal. Even better, if you live across the Atlantic because the Italian price equates to about $49 US or around $65 CA plus shipping. This box is not available on Amazon US at present but price on Amazon Canada is $170 CS so that’s a clear saving of over $100 CA.

Public Enemy Live at Metropolis Studios is released on 4 September 2015.


Super Deluxe box set


2LP Vinyl Edition

2CD Edition



  • 1.Intro
  • 2.Lost In Birth
  • 3.Miuzi Weighs A Ton
  • 4.Get Up Stand Up
  • 5.Rebel Without A Pause
  • 6.911 Is A Joke
  • 7.Welcome To The Terrordome
  • 8.Hoover Music
  • 9.Black Steel In The Hour
  • 10.Show Em Whatcha Got
  • 11.Bring The Noise
  • 12.Don’t Believe The Hype
  • 13.Cant Truss It
  • 14.He Got Game
  • 15.Night Of The Living Baseheads
  • 16.I Shall Not be Moved
  • 17.Fight The Power
  • 18.Can’t Do The Nuttin’ For Ya Man
  • 19.31 Flavors
  • 20.Shut Em Down
  • 21.Harder Than You Think

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