Real World shrugs its shoulders at Peter Gabriel “So” box criticism

Peter Gabriel / So Super Deluxe EditionOur criticism of Peter Gabriel‘s So Deluxe Box received an unprecedented response from fans, with record breaking hits and an enormous amount of you leaving comments to tell us that you were in complete agreement.

This open letter sought to draw some kind of response from Gabriel or his management team and late last week, things looked positive, when EMI informed us that having drawn their attention to the storm of criticism, Real World and PG Management were ‘constructing a response to your letter’.

Alas, after the Bank Holiday weekend minds were changed, and we have been informed today that ‘Team PG’ have decided they will not issue a response after all. Apparently they did not want to be seen apologising or getting defensive about this set which is still seven weeks away from release.

We were told by EMI that in the coming weeks videos will appear on Peter Gabriel’s website which will ‘explain the approach’ to the So deluxe box. Doesn’t sound too hopeful and it is unlikely that we will find any answers to the key questions:

  • • Why no B-sides/remixes/single bonus tracks included?
  • • Why two DVDs and NO Blu-ray?
  • • Why so much vinyl in the set?
  • • What’s with the duplication?
  • • Why no hi-res discs or 5.1 surround?
  • • Why does it cost nearly £100?

Finally, anyone hoping for some last minute spec changes to the box can forget it. EMI have confirmed that no changes will be made.

If you are a Peter Gabriel fan, let us know if you’ll be buying this set despite the flaws. Leave a comment below.

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