SDE’s acclaimed McCartney interview feature available as printed booklet

In response to overwhelming demand, SDE has produced a limited run of special ‘keepsake’ printed editions of the acclaimed ‘In Their Own Words: The Producer’s on Paul McCartney’s Flowers in the Dirt‘ feature, that was first published on 22 March on this blog.

This is a professionally designed and printed 16-page, saddle-stitched document that contains the whole 9000 word interview feature (as published on SDE) along with 1200 extra words from Messrs Horn, Lipson and Hughes that are exclusive to this printed edition.

Professionally designed and printed 16-page booklet

This document has been designed to slot into the Flowers in the Dirt super deluxe edition (see image below) and will always be at hand to reference and enjoy when you are digesting the contents of the box set and listening to the album/bonus audio – hence the idea of a ‘keepsake’ printed edition. It should also fit nicely into the vinyl package.

The ‘keepsake’ printed booklet slots nicely into the FITD box set

The outer cover printed on 260gsm uncoated card with the inner pages on 160gsm uncoated stock. The 500 signed/numbered copies now SOLD OUT. However due to demand we will do a further print run – these are not signed or numbered but still include the exclusive content.

These booklets are for sale now on the SDE shop priced at £5.00. 

Click here to purchase the ‘keepsake’ printed edition of The Producers on Paul McCartney’s Flowers in the Dirt at the SDE Shop.

Praise for this interview feature article by SDE readers:

“The interview is really fantastic… It is very informative and will go down as one of the greatest insights into Paul’s working methods in his solo career.”

“Invaluable document”

“Stupendous article”

“One of the best McCartney articles I’ve ever read. And I’ve read LOTS!”

“Fantastic work”

“Incredible work”

“So many good insights into Paul and his creative process in this, I’m going to have to reread it a few times”

“It is a most worthy companion piece to the musical treat that we soon will get. Your time and effort, and your passion, are greatly appreciated by us all.”

“Fantastic article”

“Really amazing interviews”

“So great to read something this in-depth about one of Paul’s albums”

“Wow. This was magnificent. Really. Fascinating. Well balanced. Really interesting deep dive on both the personal and professional level. I was sad when it ended.”

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