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Ring reissue / The Connells 2CD deluxe

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Anyone who watched MTV in the early 90s would not have missed the heavy rotation of The Connells‘ single ’74-’75. The popular song was a top 10 hit across Europe and reached No 14 in the UK.

As it turns out, the North Carolina alt-rock band had a history that went back to 1985 and Ring, the 1993 album that features 74-’75, was actually their fifth long-player and Mitch Easter had produced 1987’s Boylan Heights.

The band built a following in the US and had a string of college radio hits, but ultimately while Ring received critival praise, it was only a modest commercial success and the follow-up single (the ‘New Boy’ EP) couldn’t repeat the ’74-’75 climb to the higher reachers of the charts. Therefore it’s hard to deny that, in most territories, The Connells are regarded as a bit of a one-hit wonder, however, that hasn’t stopped Craft Recordings from opting to give this record an impressive-looking deluxe reissue.

The album has been newly remastered (by Brent Lambert) for its 30th anniversary and the new 2CD deluxe edition include 21 bonus tracks, including rare B-sides and 12 previously unreleased demos. This comes with new sleeve notes from David Menconi with new interviews from the band.

A black vinyl version of the album will also be released (no bonus tracks) and a yellow vinyl edition is available via the band’s official store (US only).

Ring will be reissued on 11 August 2023 via Craft Recordings.


Ring The Connells / 30th anniversary edition

    • CD 1
      1. Slackjawed
      2. Carry My Picture
      3. ’74-’75
      4. Doin’ You
      5. Find Out
      6. Eyes On The Ground
      7. Spiral
      8. Hey You
      9. New Boy
      10. Disappointed
      11. Burden
      12. Any Day Now
      13. Running Mary
      14. ’74-’75 (Radio Edit)
      15. Slackjawed (Radio Edit)
      16. Logan Street
      17. Wonder Why
      18. Living In The Past
    • CD 2
      1. ’74-’75 (Demo)*
      2. Carry My Picture (Demo)*
      3. Disappointed (Demo)*
      4. Doin’ You (Demo)*
      5. Eyes On The Ground (Demo)*
      6. Hey You (Demo)*
      7. Logan Street (Demo)*
      8. New Boy (Demo)*
      9. Running Mary (Demo)*
      10. Slackjawed (Demo)*
      11. Spiral (Demo)*
      12. Wonder Why (Demo)*
      13. New Boy (Live Acoustic Version)
      14. Doin’ You (Live Acoustic Version)
      15. Running Mary (Live Acoustic Version)
      16. ’74-’75 (Live Acoustic Version)
      *Previously Unreleased

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