The Magic of Boney M / 2LP coloured vinyl

“Freeze! I’m ma Baker…”

Sony are to release a new 2LP coloured vinyl edition of classic Boney M compilation The Magic of Boney M.

The Magic of Boney M was originally the title of a 1980 best of, although of the “20 Golden Hits” of 42 years ago, only 14 are repeated here, with the double A-side ‘I See A Boat On The River’ / ‘My Friend Jack’ being a notable omission (even if it wasn’t a hit in the UK).

The Magic of Boney M is a gatefold coloured 2LP vinyl set with printed inner sleeves (click image to enlarge)

A few songs released after that compilation make a showing but the space is largely filled on side D of the 2LP set with some ‘modern’ remixes, for which the warning ‘approach with caution’ is normally deployed.

I actually remember my Dad buying the original compilation (on tape), believe it or not, and it was regularly blasted in the car on long journeys up the M1 motorway in the UK. So call it cheesy or a ‘guilty pleasure’, or what you will, but I like a bit of Boney M!

The Magic of Boney M is released on coloured vinyl on 18 March 2022.


The Magic of Boney M Boney M / 2LP coloured vinyl

    • LP 1
      Side A
      1. Daddy Cool
      2. Sunny
      3. Rivers of Babylon
      4. El Lute
      5. No Woman No Cry
      Side B
      1. Hooray! Hooray! It’s a Holi-Holiday
      2. Rasputin
      3. Painter Man
      4. Belfast
      5. Brown Girl in the Ring
    • LP 2
      Side C
      1. Kalimba De Luna
      2. Happy Song
      3. Still I’m Sad
      4. Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord
      5. Baby Do You Wanna Bump
      6. Felicidad (Magherita)
      Side D
      1. Gotta Go Home
      2. Ma Baker
      3. Sunny (Mousse T. Radio Mix)
      4. Rasputin (Majestic x Boney M)
      5. Daddy Cool (Lizot x Boney M)
      Bonus track
      1. Rios De Babylonia

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