The Mission / Collected

Limited 3LP and 3CD editions

Music On Vinyl/CD will release The Mission Collected in October a new compilation of some of group’s best songs. What is on offer is a 48-track triple-CD package or a limited edition 3LP vinyl set.

The latter is quite interesting, because it adds a bonus LP of remixes which is exclusive to this first pressing (limited to 2000 numbered copies worldwide). The vinyl is a 31-track offering but all future pressings will be 2LP and not include the six extended remixes.

The 3CD edition of Collected features 48 tracks

The vinyl edition comes in a high quality PVC protective sleeve and includes a four-page insert with sleeve notes and a foreword by Wayne Hussey.

Collected is released on 22 October 2021, via Music On Vinyl/CD. The limited vinyl can be pre-ordered via the SDE shop using this link or the button below. CD options in the widget. The Mission have announced a new tour kicking off in autumn 2021.


Collected The Mission / 3LP vinyl

    • LP 1
      1. Serpents Kiss
      2. Garden Of Delight (Hereafter)
      3. Like A Hurricane
      4. Stay With Me
      5. Wasteland
      6. Severina
      7. Tower Of Strength
      8. Beyond The Pale
      9. Kingdom Come
      10. Butterfly On A Wheel
      11. Deliverance
      12. Hands Across The Ocean
    • LP 2
      1. Never Again
      2. Like A Child Again (Remix)
      3. Raising Cain
      4. Swoon
      5. Coming Home
      6. Evangeline
      7. Breathe Me In
      8. Dragonfly
      9. Keep It In The Family
      10. Blush
      11. Swan Song
      12. Met-Amor-Phosis
      13. Tyranny Of Secrets
    • LP 3
      1. Like A Hurricane (Extended Version)
      2. Wasteland (Anniversary Mix)
      3. Beyond The Pale (Armageddon Mix)
      4. Tower Of Strength (Bombay Edit)
      5. Butterfly On A Wheel (The Magnificent Octopus Mix)
      6. Deliverance (Sorcerer’s Mix)


Collected The Mission / 3CD

    • CD 1
      1. Serpents Kiss
      2. Garden Of Delight
      3. Like A Hurricane
      4. The Crystal Ocean
      5. Stay With Me
      6. Wasteland
      7. Severina
      8. Tower Of Strength
      9. Beyond The Pale
      10. Kingdom Come
      11. Dream On
      12. Butterfly On A Wheel
      13.  Deliverance
      14. Into The Blue
      15. Amelia
      16. Hands Across The Ocean
      17. Never Again
      18. Like A Child Again
      19. Tower Of Strength (East India Trans Cairo Mix)
    • CD 2
      1. Shades Of Green
      2. Afterglow
      3. Raising Cain
      4. Swoon
      5. Love Myself In You
      6. Coming Home
      7. Alpha Man
      8. Evangeline
      9. Shine Like The Stars
      10. Dragonfly
      11. Breathe Me In
      12. Keep In The Family
      13. Blush
      14. Draped In Red
      15. Swan Song
      16. Sometimes The Brightest Light Comes
        From The Darkest Place
      17. Atomic Heart
      18. Mel-Amor-Phosis
      19. Tyranny Of Secrets
    • CD 3
      1. Like A Hurricane (Extended Version)
      2. Stay With Me (Extended Version)
      3. Wasteland (Anniversary Mix)
      4. Tower Of Strength (Bombay Mix)
      5. Beyond The Pale (Armageddon Mix)
      6. Butterfly On A Wheel (The Magnificent Octopus Mix)
      7. Into The Blue (La La Sheldon Mix)
      8. Deliverance (Sorcerer’s Mix)
      9. Afterglow (Full Length Olympic Mix)
      10. Mel-Amor-Phosis (Black Star Remix)

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