The Stone Roses reform / Press Conference / Super Deluxe Edition

The Stone Roses to reform / Super Deluxe Edition 20th Anniversary
So it’s official. The Stone Roses are to reform –  something that seemed less likely to happen than John and George coming back from the grave for a Beatles’ reunion.
But they are back, at least until – in the words of Ian Brown – “the wheels fall off”.

Here’s the press conference from this morning to get you in the mood:

Of course the band’s reputation is built almost entirely on the quality of their debut album. And two years ago this was an early adopter of the Super Deluxe Edition format, when a big box, 20th anniversary edition was released. It came out in August 2009 and is still readily available.

It goes to show how far they have come since then, because John Squire was not willing to go into the studio with original producer John Leckie and Ian Brown to help supervise the remastering of the music. Ian Brown was the only band member to be present when the work was done.

This big box has luxury packaging with a thick oversize slipcase with the logo debossed with gold foil-blocking.

The format is 3CD/3LP/DVD/ 2GB USB/ 1 book /6 art prints format.

Disc 1 (CD) is the original album

Disc 2 (CD) is called Extras.

  • 1. Elephant Stone
  • 2. Full Fathom Five
  • 3. The Hardest Thing
  • 4. Going Down
  • 5. Guernica
  • 6. Mersey Paradise
  • 7. Standing Here
  • 8. Simone
  • 9. Fools Gold (9:53 version)
  • 10. What The World Is Waiting For
  • 11. One Love (Full Length)
  • 12. Something’ Burning (Full Length)
  • 13. Where Angels Play
The Stone Roses Reform / Press Conference / Super Deluxe Edition

Disc 3 (CD) is The Lost Demos

  • 1. I Wanna Be Adored
  • 2. She Bangs the Drums
  • 3. Waterfall
  • 4. Bye Bye Badman
  • 5. Sugar Spun Sister
  • 6. Shoot You Down
  • 7. This Is The One
  • 8. I Am Resurrection
  • 9. Elephant Stone
  • 10. Going Down
  • 11. Mersey Paradise
  • 12. Where Angels Play
  • 13. Something’s Burning
  • 14. One Love
  • 15. Pearl Bastard (Previously Unreleased)

Disc 4 (DVD) is Live at Blackpool Empress Ballroom: 12th August 1989

You also get the following promo videos on this disc

  • 1. Waterfall
  • 2. Fools Gold
  • 3. I Wanna Be Adored
  • 4. One Love
  • 5. She Bangs The Drums
  • 6. Standing Here

The entire album and the Extras material is also pressed onto 3x 180 gsm heavyweight vinyl

In addition you also get a lemon shaped USB containing all audio, promo videos, ringtones, wallpapers, previously unseen John Leckie home video footage of the recording of Fools Gold and five previously unheard ‘Backwards’ tracks!

A 48-page bound book, with unseen photos and new notes from the band, John Leckie, those involved 20 years ago and high profile fans of the album telling their stories of it, including Noel Gallagher, Mark Ronson, Tim Burgess, Bobby Gillespie and many, many more

6 x 12” John Squire single art prints of I Wanna Be Adored, She Bangs The Drums, Elephant Stone, Fools Gold, I am The Resurrection and Made Of Stone

The Stone Roses 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition can be ordered by clicking here.

The Stone Roses play Heaton Park in Manchester on Friday 29th June 2012 and Saturday 30th June 2012.

Tickets go on sale on Friday 21st October 2011 and can be bought here.

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