Toyah / Warrior Rock: Toyah On Tour

1982 live album • 3CD and 2LP coloured vinyl

Warrior Rock: Toyah on Tour was the second live album by the band Toyah. It was originally released in November 1982 by Safari Records and is the next release in Cherry Red’s comprehensive reissue campaign.

The 15-track double album featured material recorded on 17 and 18 July 1982 at Hammersmith Odeon at the end of The Changeling UK tour. A new 3CD set (compiled by Craig Astley and Joel Bogen) sees the album remastered and expanded to 41 tracks featuring 26 previously unreleased bonus tracks, with a total of 19 different songs from 11 gigs, at nine different locations!

These means that for the first time all four sides of the original vinyl live album are included on CD – unabridged and uncut. The first CD offers 12 of the 15 tracks while CD 2 starts with the last three songs from the concert. After that follows ‘Street Creature’ a mixed and mastered outtake from Hammersmith, soundcheck recordings, and rehearsals from Brixton Fair Deal (now known as Brixton Academy).

The third CD offers an alternate version of the Warriors Rock album by cherrypicking 14 songs from recordings at concerts in Newcastle, Bristol, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham, London and Brighton.

As well as the 3CD set, there’s a 2LP green vinyl edition that features the original release, remastered. Talking of which, Nick Watson at Fluid Mastering has remastered the package from the original master tapes and archive sources, overseen by Joel Bogen.

Warrior Rock: Toyah On Tour will be reissued on 17 May 2024 via Cherry Red.


Warrior Rock: Toyah On Tour Toyah /

    • CD 1
      1. Good Morning Universe
      2. Warrior Rock
      3. Danced
      4. Jungles Of Jupiter
      5. It’s A Mystery
      6. Castaways
      7. Angel & Me
      8. Brave New World
      9. The Packt
      10. Thunder In The Mountains
      11. We Are
      12. I Want To Be Free
    • CD 2
      Hammersmith Odeon
      1. Dawn Chorus
      2. War Boys
      3. Ieya Hammersmith Odeon 18/07/82*
      4. Street Creature (Live Outtake)
      5. Hammersmith Jam (Soundcheck)
      6. Good Morning Universe (Soundcheck)
      Rehearsal | Brixton Fair Deal 15/06/82*
      1. Life In The Trees (Rehearsal)
      2. Castaways (Rehearsal)
      3. Warrior Rock (Rehearsal)
      4.  Jungles Of Jupiter (Rehearsal)
      5. Bird In Flight (Rehearsal)
      Toyah On Tour Summer 82*
      1. It’s A Mystery (Preston Guild Hall 07/07/82)
      2. Street Creature (Newcastle City Hall 12/07/82)
      3. Dawn Chorus (Liverpool Empire 14/07/82)
      4. War Boys (Liverpool Empire 14/07/82)
      * Previously Unreleased
    • CD 3
      Toyah On Tour | Summer 82 *
      1. Good Morning Universe (Newcastle City Hall 12/07/82)
      2. Neon Womb (Bristol Hall 04/07/82)
      3. Warrior Rock (Hammersmith Odeon 26/06/82)
      4. Danced (Newcastle City Hall 12/07/82)
      5. Jungles Of Jupiter (Portsmouth Guildhall 30/06/82)
      6. Castaways (Sheffield City Hall 19/06/82)
      7. Brave New World (Newcastle City Hall 12/07/82)
      8. The Packt (Birmingham Odeon 15/07/82)
      9. Thunder In The Mountains (Liverpool Empire 14/07/82)
      10. Bird in Flight (Hammersmith Odeon 26/06/82)
      11. Angel & Me (Newcastle City Hall 12/07/82)
      12. We Are (Newcastle City Hall 12/07/82)
      13. I Want To Be Free (Newcastle City Hall 12/07/82)
      14. Ieya (Brighton Centre 29/06/82)
      * Previously Unreleased

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