T’Pau / The Virgin Anthology price-drop


As expected, the newly announced T’Pau deluxe set, The Virgin Anthology, has dropped in price fairly dramatically, since SDE told you about it on Monday.

The four-disc set which brings together a disc of original single versions, a CD of remixes and rarities, Rage + B-sides and The Promise + B-sides is now £37having been £53!

The Virgin Anthology will be released on 24 March 2017.


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Disc One – The Singles
1. Heart and Soul (single)
2. China In Your Hand (single)
3. Valentine (single)
4. Sex Talk (Live) (single)
5. I Will Be With You (album)
6. Bridge of Spies (US single edit – never previously released in the UK)
7. Secret Garden (single)
8. Road To Our Dream (single)
9. Only The Lonely (Canadian Guitar Remix) (single remix from Canada ‘Rage’ album)
10. Whenever You Need Me (single)
11. Walk On Air
12. Soul Destruction (single remix)
13. Only A Heartbeat (single edit)

Disc 2 – Remixes, Rarities and Demos
1. Bridge of Spies (AOR Mix) (Previously unreleased in the UK)
2. Arms Of Love (Canadian Remix) (Only released in Canada)
3. Running Away (Canadian Remix) (Only released in Canada)
4. Island (Canadian Remix) (Only released in Canada)
5. Only The Lonely (Nightmare Mix) (A side 12″)
6. Whenever You Need Me (Extended Mix) (A Side 12″)
7. Whenever You Need Me (Requiem Remix)
8. Soul Destruction (Extended Remix)
9. Soul Destruction (Heavy Bliss Remix)
10. Heart and Soul (Demo Version) (Unreleased)
11. I Will Be With You (Demo Version) (Unreleased)
12. Soul Destruction (Demo Version) (Unreleased)
13. Whenever You need Me (Demo Version) (Unreleased)
14. Only A Heartbeat (Demo Version) (Unreleased)
15. The Promise (Demo Version) (Unreleased)

Disc 3 – Rage + B-Sides
1. Arms Of Love
2. Only The Lonely
3. Running Away
4. Between The Lines
5. Road To Our Dream
6. Island
7. Heaven
8. Taking Time Out
9. Secret Garden
10. Time Will Tell
11. This Girl
12. Time Of Our Lives (B-Side)
13. Call Me (B-Side)
14. Road To Our Dream (Instrumental) (B-Side)
15. Crying (B-Side)
16. You Never Notice Me (Live Hammersmith Odeon) (B-Side)
17. Downtown (Live At Oxford) (B-Side)

Disc Four – The Promise + B-Sides
1. Soul Destruction
2. Whenever You Need Me
3. Walk On Air
4. Made Of Money
5. Hold On To Love
6. Strange Place
7. One Direction
8. Only A Heartbeat
9. The Promise
10. A Place In My Heart
11. Man And Woman
12. Purity
13. All The Love (B-side)
14. Dirty Town (B-Side)
15. Hold On To Love (Acoustic) (B-Side)


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