Uriah Heep / Choices 6CD box set

Band-curated selection across six discs

Uriah Heep / Choices 6CD box set

Choices is a 6CD box, while Every Day Rocks is a 7LP vinyl picture disc collection with t-shirts and art cards

A new six-CD collection of Uriah Heep hits and ‘deep cuts’ from across the band’s fifty-year career, called Choices, will be released next month.

Created with the full collaboration of Uriah Heep themselves, the six discs, include personal selections from Ken Hensley and Lee Kerslake who sadly died in 2020.

Choices is a six-CD set and comes with a series of art cards (click image to enlarge)

New additions to the Choices collection come from lead vocalist Bernie Shaw and keyboard player Phil Lanzon, who have both been with the band for 35 years, and are completed with selections from Paul Newton and Mick Box.

This set contains 77 tracks and comes with six art cards with personal notations from each band member and their reproduced signature.

For vinyl fans, there is also news of another Uriah Heep box set called Every Day Rocks. This box set includes the first seven albums as vinyl picture discs and includes seven accompanying t-shirts, corresponding
art cards (with motivational lyrics) and a Uriah Heep calendar wall planner!

Every Day Rocks box set features seven vinyl picture discs and seven t-shirts (click image to enlarge)

Five of the albums have never been available as picture discs before, while Demons And Wizards and The Magicians Birthday feature both ‘reimagined’ and original artwork by Roger Dean.

Every Day Rocks is currently only available to pre-order via the band’s official store and if you are worrying about T-shirt sizing, there’s lots of choice! Choices is widely available.

Every Day Rocks and the Choices CD box set are both released on 24 September 2021.


Uriah Heep / Choices 6CD box set

Choices Uriah Heep / 6CD box set

    • CD 1 – Ken Hensley
      1. Paradise
      2. The Spell
      3. Weep In Silence
      4. Rain
      5. Circle Of Hands
      6. July Morning
      7. The Park
      8. Echoes In The Dark
      9. Misty Eyes
      10. Fallen Angel
      11. The Easy Road
      12. Falling In Love
      13. Sunrise
      14. Sweet Freedom
    • CD 2 – Lee Kerslake
      1. July Morning
      2. The Magician’s Birthday
      3. Traveller In Time
      4. Sweet Lorraine
      5. Circus
      6. Rainbow Demon
      7. Come Back To Me
      8. Shady Lady
      9. All My Life
      10. The Other Side Of Midnight
      11. Who Needs Me
      12. That’s The Way That It Is
      13. Free Me
      14. Stealin’
    • CD 3 – Mick Box
      1. The Park
      2. Tears In My Eyes
      3. Sweet Lorraine
      4. Circus
      5. Free N’ Easy
      6. Woman Of The Night
      7. Hot Persuasion
      8. The Other Side Of Midnight
      9. Straight Through The Heart
      10. Cross That Line
      11. Love In Silence
      12. What Kind Of God
      13. Trail Of Diamonds
      14. The Outsider
      15. Falling Under Your Spell
    • CD 4 – Paul Newton
      1. Lady In Black
      2. Tales
      3. Easy Livin’
      4. Tears In My Eyes
      5. If I Had The Time
      6. Real Turned On
      7. Come Away Melinda
      8. What Should Be Done
      9. Why (Alternate Version)
      10. Sympathy
      11. Free N’ Easy
      12. I’m Alive
      13. One Minute
      14. Grazed By Heaven
    • CD 5 – Phil Lanzon
      1. A Year Or A Day
      2. The Magician’s Birthday
      3. Wonderworld
      4. Circus
      5. Bad Bad Man
      6. Question
      7. Between Two Worlds
      8. Voice On My TV
      9. Universal Wheels
      10. Waters Flowin’
    • CD 6 – Bernie Shaw
      1. July Morning
      2. What Kind Of God
      3. Mistress Of All Time
      4. Wise Man
      5. One Minute
      6. Corridors Of Madness
      7. Tales
      8. Take Away My Soul
      9. Heaven’s Pain
      10. Heartless Land

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