Yes / Talk 30th anniversary reissue

4CD box set • 2LP white vinyl

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Yes / TALK reissue

Talk / Yes 4CD deluxe

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Yes / TALK reissue

Talk, the 1994 studio album released by progressive rock band Yes, is being reissued across three physical formats in May, including as a 4CD deluxe box set.

The album followed a troubled and confusing period for Yes (and fans!) with all sorts of shenanigans after 1987’s Big Generator, including the departure of lead singer Jon Anderson, the formation of  Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (who released one album in June 1989) and then the Union album (1991) and tour which was a fusion of two groups (Yes and Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe).

From all this, a new Yes emerged: Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Chris Squire, Alan White & Rick Wakeman. Due to managerial reasons, Wakeman could not participate, so enter Tony Kaye on keyboards once more and the commercially successful 90125 line up was back together!

Talk 4CD box set (click image to enlarge)

The writing and recording saw Trevor Rabin and Jon Anderson work together closely, mainly in Rabin’s home studio in Hollywood, California using, at the time, cutting edge digital technology with a number of Apple Mac computers linked together running an early Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) called ‘Digital Performer’. This setup captured live performances from the band and the editing and mixing was done digitally. In its unedited form, Talk took up 34GB of memory, which gives you a feel for the limitations of the technology when compared to today!

The whole enterprise was bankrolled by Victory Music and as Tin Machine II fans may recall, they went bust which likely impacted the fortunes of Talk when it was eventually released in March 1994 (it reached #20 in the UK and #33 in America).

This 30th anniversary reissue comes as a 4CD deluxe box set with bonus studio material and a previously unreleased live show from New York. There’s also a booklet with a new interview with the principal players by Prog magazine editor, Jerry Ewing.

The album is finally back in print on vinyl, with a 2LP set is pressed on white vinyl and featuring ‘The Calling (Special Version)’ as a bonus track. An album-only single CD is also available.

Talk will be reissued on 24 May 2024 via Spirit of Unicorn Music.


Yes / TALK reissue

Talk Yes / 30th anniversary reissue

    • CD 1: Original Album
      1. The Calling
      2. I Am Waiting
      3. Real Love
      4. State Of Play
      5. Walls
      6. Where Will You Be
      7. Endless Dream
      8. a) Silent Spring (Instrumental)
      9. b) Talk
      10. c) Endless Dream
    • CD 2: Talk Versions
      1. The Calling (Special Version)
      2. The Calling (Single Edit)
      3. The Calling (Radio Edit)
      4. Untitled – Trevor Rabin Instrumental
      5. Endless Dream (Demo)
      6. Where Will You Be (Instrumental)
      7. Walls (Instrumental)
      8. Endless Dream (Excerpt) (Instrumental)
      1. I Am Waiting*
      2. The Calling*
      3. Rhythm Of Love*
      4. Hearts*
      5. Real Love*
      6. Changes*
      7. Heart Of The Sunrise
      8. Roundabout
      *Previously unreleased
      1. Cinema*
      2. City Of Love*
      3. Make It Easy*
      4. Owner Of A Lonely Heart*
      5. Trevor Rabin Piano Solo/And You And I*
      6. I’ve Seen All Good People*
      7. Walls*
      8. Endless Dream*
      *Previously unreleased

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