Young Limbs Rise Again: The Story of the Batcave Nightclub 1982-1985

Goth-themed compilation on 5CD and 6LP vinyl

Features tracks from The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Killing Joke, The Birthday Party, Joy Division, Soft Cell, Specimen, Sweet, T-Rex, Roxy Music, New York Dolls, Sparks, The Velvet Underground and more…

Young Limbs Rise Again is a forthcoming compilation album that celebrates the subculture of Goth via the music that was played, and the bands that performed at the legendary Batcave, a weekly club night hosted in London’s Dean Street (and later in Leicester Square) in the early 1980s.

The 5CD edition of Young Limbs Ride Again is a large format deluxe set (click image to enlarge)

By the summer of ’82, The Batcave became a focus for alternative club culture, just like The Roxy and The Blitz before it and it’s “No Funk, No Disco” rule set it apart from other club nights at that time. Famous regulars included musicians and singers such as Nick Cave, Robert Smith of the Cure, Siouxsie Sioux, Steven Severin, members of Bauhaus, Marc Almond and many others. Acts would play live (the club even had its own house band, Specimen) and visitors could enjoy four-hour DJ sets.

It was a light bulb for all the people like me who were from the sticks and wanted a bit more from life. Freaks, weirdos, sexual deviants, there’s people around who’ll always be attracted by something shiny, glittering, exciting 

Jonny Slut, Specimen

The Young Limbs Rise Again collection attempts to capture both the fun and freedom of The Batcave while also looking back to reflect the musical influences on the scene and examining how that scene pointed forwards. There’s plenty of space in which to do that, since it’s offered as a 5CD or 6LP vinyl set. Both come with an 80-page hardcover book with an introduction from Kris Needs, packed with flyers, record sleeves, over 100 photographs, many previously unseen, and the whole story of the club as told by the people who were there.

The 80-page hardcover book which comes with both 5CD and 6LP sets tells the store of The Batcave (click image to enlarge)

Both big sets are broken down into themed albums and the 6LP vinyl offers 63 songs while the more generous (and cheaper) 5CD large format box delivers 89 tracks. There’s a 2LP vinyl edition for a more concise overview.

Specimen’s Jon Klein and Jonny Slut, along with Sophie Chery (from another stalwart Batcave band, Sexbeat), have worked with the record company to help putting together this musical and visual accompaniment to this very specific moment in time.

Young Limbs Rise Again: The Story of the Batcave Nightclub 1982-1985 will be released on 24 February 2023, via Demon Music.


Young Limbs Rise Again: The Story of the Batcave Nightclub 1982-1985 Various Artists /

      1. Temple Of Love (Extended Version)- The Sisters Of Mercy 7.40
      2. Let’s Go To Bed- The Cure 3.34
      3. Isolation- Joy Division 2.53
      4. Resurrection Joe (Long Version)- The Cult 6.04
      5. Garbageman- The Cramps-3.34
      6. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (12” Version)- Specimen- 5.00
      7. Pagan Lovesong (Vibeakimbo)- Virgin Prunes 6.49
      8. Incubus Succubus- Xmal Deutschland 4.43
      9. The Hop- Theatre Of Hate 2.57
      10. This Is Not A Love Song (12” Version)- PiL 4.29
      11. Subterraneans- Flesh For Lulu 5.1
      12. Against The Wind- Getting The Fear 3.3
      13. Club Country (12” Version)- The Associates 6.57
      14. Cccan’t You See… – Vicious Pink 3.32
      15. Misty Circles- Dead Or Alive 3.39
      16. The Light Pours Out Of Me- Magazine 3.28
      17. All About You- Scars 5.06
      1. Follow The Leaders- Killing Joke 5.35
      2. Slowdive- Siouxsie and the Banshees 4.18
      3. Release The Bats- The Birthday Party 2.35
      4. We Love You- The Psychedelic Furs 3.27
      5. Fodder- The March Violets 2.30
      6. Black Leather- Nightmares In Wax 5.04
      7. Your Turn To Run- Malaria! 4.09
      8. Planet Claire- The B52’s 4.33
      9. The Back Of Love- Echo and the Bunnymen 3.13
      10. I Travel (Extended Version)- Simple Minds 6.03
      11. My Daddy Is A Vampire- The Meteors 3.32
      12. Strict Tempo- Dave Ball featuring Gavin Friday 3.42
      13. Collapsing New People- Fad Gadget 4.15
      14. Heaven Is Waiting- The Danse Society 3.45
      15. Nemesis- Shriekback 3.40
      16. United- Throbbing Gristle 4.00
      17. Sweat- Sexbeat 3.00
      18. Holes- Specimen 4.00
      19. I Wish I Was A Girl- Wasted Youth 5.43
      1. Temptation- New Order 5.24
      2. Soul Inside- Soft Cell 4.31
      3. Uncertain Smile- The The 4.55
      4. Ignore The Machine- Alien Sex Fiend 6.47
      5. Alice- The Sisters Of Mercy 3.34
      6. Copped It- The Fall 4.15
      7. Adolescent Sex- Japan 3.42
      8. Kick!- Adam & The Ants 2.06
      9. Qual- Xmal Deutschland 3.55
      10. Human Fly- The Cramps 2.12
      11. Dr Mabuse (First Life)-Propaganda- 5.02
      12. Metal Dance- SPK 3.39
      13. Being Boiled-The Human League 4.22
      14. The Beauty Of Poison (12” Mix)- Specimen 4.15
      15. Like An Animal- The Glove 4.42
      16. Punch Drunk- Gene Loves Jezebel 2.23
      17. Baby Turns Blue- Virgin Prunes 3.43
      18. Jo’s So Mean To Josephine- Flowerpot Men 5.00
      19. She’s Fallen In Love With A Monster Man- The Revillos 3.18
      1. Dead Man’s Autochop- Specimen 3.57
      2. Sexbeat-Sexbeat 3.35
      3. I.P. – Alien Sex Fiend 3.49
      4. Deathwish- Christian Death 2.13
      5. Sleaze- Marc and the Mambas 7.22
      6. Propaganda- Play Dead 3.15
      7. Roman Candle (12” Version)- Flesh For Lulu 10.18
      8. Fats Terminal- Bone Orchard 2.45
      9. Last Year’s Wife (12” Version)- Zero LeCrêche 4.35
      10. Dance With Me- Lords Of The New Church 3.43
      11. Tracey’s Burning- Anorexic Dread 9.33
      12. Cuts- Lets Wreck Mother 3.06
      13. Raymond- Turkey Bones & The Wild Dogs 8.33
      14. The Gold Of Our Lives- Furyo 3.48
      15. Torment- Marc and the Mambas 4.21
      1. Hell Raiser- The Sweet 3.16
      2. Telegram Sam – T Rex 3.42
      3. Vicious- Lou Reed 2.55
      4. All I Want Is You- Roxy Music 2.53
      5. Amateur Hour- Sparks 3.37
      6. Jet Boy- New York Dolls 4.41
      7. Funtime- Iggy Pop 2.53
      8. Ghost Rider- Suicide 2.33
      9. Roll Away The Stone- Mott The Hoople 3.11
      10. Mr Soft- Cockney Rebel 3.17
      11. Needles In The Camel’s Eye- Brian Eno 3.15
      12. Only After Dark- Mick Ronson 3.31
      13. Night Time- Wayne County and the Electric Chairs 3.28
      14. Then He Kissed Me- Hollywood Brats 3.13
      15. Cherry Bomb- The Runaways 2.18
      16. Kick Out The Jams-MC5 2.45
      17. I’m Waiting For The Man- Velvet Underground 4.37 1
      18. Dance With The Devil- Cozy Powell 3.33
      19. New York Groove- Hello 2.45

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