SuperDeluxeEdition is a music blog celebrating the repackaging, reissuing and representation of back catalogue music.

‘Deluxe Editions’ originated back in the 1990s. Albums would be reissued with a ‘bonus’ disc. Often these discs would feature demos, outtakes, live performances and b-sides.

In recent years the ‘Deluxe Edition’ has often been expanded to include a DVD in addition to the 2CDs on offer. Paul McCartney and Wings’ Band on the Run was recently released in just such a format.

That brings us nicely on to the ‘Super Deluxe Edition’. What is a Super Deluxe Edition? For the uninitiated it’s the wallet-busting über edition of a re-released album.

David Bowie‘s Station to Station from 1975 is a good example. EMI’s 2010 re-release featured a ‘Super Deluxe Edition’ that included five CDs, a DVD, three heavyweight vinyl LPs, replica concert tickets, facsimile backstage passes, and much more! This all derived from what was originally a 6 track album!

While many might scoff at such excess, SuperDeluxeEdition (this site!) is here to celebrate these reissues, as well as their more wallet-friendly cousins.

We will bring you news of what’s coming out when, reviews of releases and hopefully offer some entertaining food for thought with regular industry commentary.