Paul Young / The Crossing coloured vinyl – unboxed!

The forthcoming coloured vinyl reissue of Paul Young’s 1993 album The Crossing is ‘unboxed’ by SDEtv. Pre-order a copy exclusively signed by Paul Young only via SDE.

The Crossing is released by 7a Records and the SDE signed exclusive coloured vinyl will ship a week earlier than the official release on 9 June 2023.

Pre-order by going direct to the SDE shop using this link or via the buy buttons (with ‘pre-order on them) below.

EU SHIPPING NOTES: If you are ordering from the EU please be aware that that goods may be subject to import VAT when they arrive from the UK. The prices the SDE shop charge you do not include VAT


The Crossing Paul Young / Coloured vinyl LP

    • SIDE A
      1. Hope In A Hopeless World 4:20
      2. Now I Know What Made Otis Blue 4:00
      3. Bring Me Home 4:04
      4. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter 4:21
      5. Won’t Look Back 5:24
      6. Only Game In Town 4:21
      SIDE B
      1. Love Has No Pride 3:46
      2. Down In Chinatown 5:36
      3. Half A Step Away 5:01
      4. Follow On 4:10
      5. It Will Be You 4:41


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