ABBA / Waterloo 50th anniversary reissue

Multiple vinyl formats

A 50th anniversary celebration of ABBA’s second album Waterloo will be released in April.

The formats follow the familiar pattern of a 2LP 45RPM half-speed mastered vinyl edition, a seven-inch box set with three coloured vinyl singles (‘Honey Honey’, ‘Waterloo’ and ‘Waterloo (Swedish Version)’) and then the same three singles available as individual seven-inch picture discs.

2LP half-speed mastered edition of Waterloo

There is an additional physical product this time around, however; a special 10-inch single of ‘Waterloo’ that features alll four versions of the song: Swedish, English, German and French language versions. A picture disc version of the album is also available.

Waterloo will be reissued on 5 April 2024 via UMR/Polydor.


Waterloo ABBA / 50th anniversary edition

    • LP 1
      Side A
      1. Waterloo – Swedish Version
      2. Sitting In The Palmtree
      3. King Kong Song
      Side B
      1. Hasta Manana
      2. My Mama Said
      3. Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)
    • LP 2
      Side C
      1. Honey, Honey
      2. Watch Out
      3. What About Livingstone
      Side D
      1. Gonna Sing You My Love Song
      2. Suzy-Hang-Around
      3. Waterloo

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