America / 50th Anniversary Collection

3CD, 2LP and single CD • 6CD ‘Classic Album Collection’ also being issued

Rhino remembers America‘s half-centennial this year with America: 50th Anniversary The Collection on CD and vinyl.

This new release is available as a three-CD set which features “the core of America’s recorded legacy” (obviously, all the hits are here) along with a few rarities, such as an early studio recording of ‘Ventura Highway,’ a live performance of ‘Riverside,’ and an unreleased demo for US number one ‘Sister Golden Hair.’

A 2LP vinyl edition drops the track-count from 50 to 25 while a single CD – rebranded ‘Golden Hits’ – is a 16-song selection.

The multi-platinum-selling group – led by founding members Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell – had enormous success early on with the 1972 US number one ‘A Horse With No Name’ (it peaked at number three in the UK) and then again a few years later with singles pulled from the George Martin produced albums of the mid-seventies.

In other America news, the Capitol albums of the 1980s have been gathered together for five-CD ‘Classic Album Collection’ being released by Universal imprint Caroline International. This set includes remastered (by Andy Pearce) audio and bonus tracks.

Rhino’s 50th Anniversary releases are out on 12 July 2019, while Universal’s Capitol Years Classic Album Collection is released on 24 May. There’s no pre-order links for the Rhino vinyl as yet…

America 50th Anniversary: Golden Hits – 3CD edition

Disc One

  1. “A Horse With No Name”
  2. “I Need You”
  3. “Sandman”
  4. “Here”
  5. “Rainy Day”
  6. “Three Roses”
  7. “Riverside” (Live On BBC) *
  8. “Children” (Live On BBC) *
  9. “Everyone I Meet Is From California”
  10. “Ventura Highway”
  11. “To Each His Own”
  12. “Don’t Cross The River”
  13. “Only In Your Heart”
  14. “Cornwall Blank”
  15. “Till The Sun Comes Up Again”
  16. “Head And Heart”

Disc Two

  1. “Hat Trick”
  2. “Muskrat Love”
  3. “Green Monkey”
  4. “Submarine Ladies”
  5. “Molten Love”
  6. “It’s Life”
  7. “Rainbow Song”
  8. “She’s Gonna Let You Down”
  9. “Tin Man”
  10. “Another Try”
  11. “Lonely People”
  12. “Hollywood”
  13. “Baby It’s Up To You”
  14. “Old Man Took”
  15. “Mad Dog” (Demo) *

Disc Three

  1. “Midnight”
  2. “Sister Golden Hair”
  3. “Daisy Jane”
  4. “Woman Tonight”
  5. “Old Virginia”
  6. “Company”
  7. “Today’s The Day”
  8. “Amber Cascades”
  9. “Watership Down”
  10. “Letter”
  11. “God Of The Sun”
  12. “Political Poachers”
  13. “Sarah”
  14. “Are You There”
  15. “You Can Do Magic”
  16. “Sergeant Darkness” (Demo) *
  17. “Ventura Highway” (Early Take 4)
  18. “Sister Golden Hair” (Demo) *
  19. “A Horse With No Name” (Live)

America 50th Anniversary: Golden Hits – 2LP vinyl

Side One

  1. “A Horse With No Name”
  2. “I Need You”
  3. “Sandman”
  4. “Three Roses”
  5. “Everyone I Meet Is From California”
  6. “Don’t Cross The River”

Side Two

  1. “Ventura Highway”
  2. “To Each His Own”
  3. “Only In Your Heart”
  4. “Muskrat Love”
  5. “Green Monkey”
  6. “Rainbow Song”

Side Three

  1. “Tin Man”
  2. “Another Try”
  3. “Lonely People”
  4. “Hollywood”
  5. “Daisy Jane”
  6. “Woman Tonight”
  7. “Sister Golden Hair”

Side Four

  1. “Company”
  2. “Today’s The Day”
  3. “Amber Cascades”
  4. “God Of The Sun”
  5. “Political Poachers”
  6. “You Can Do Magic”

America 50th Anniversary: Golden Hits – single CD

1. A Horse with No Name
2. I Need You
3. Sandman
4. Don’t Cross the River
5. Ventura Highway
6. Only in Your Heart
7. Muskrat Love
8. Tin Man
9. Lonely People
10. Daisy Jane
11. Woman Tonight
12. Sister Golden Hair
13. Today’s the Day
14. Amber Cascades
15. God of the Sun
16. You Can Do Magic

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