Billy Idol / Rebel Yell 40th anniversary reissue

2CD and 2LP vinyl

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Rebel Yell / Billy Idol 2CD deluxe

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Billy Idol’s second studio album, 1983’s Rebel Yell, is being reissued for its 40th Anniversary. The album features the singles ‘Eyes Without a Face’, ‘Flesh for Fantasy’, ‘Catch My Fall’ and ‘Rebel Yell’.

There are two physical editions of this reissue, a 2CD set and a 2LP vinyl version. The former features 13 bonus tracks, including five that were on the 1999 expanded CD. The extra tracks include the rather good ‘Poolside Remix’ of Eyes Without A Face (a new remix was issued as a digital single in early 2021), the previously unreleased ‘Best Way Out of Here’ and a cover of ‘Love Don’t Live Hear Anymore’ (from the original sessions). Of the latter, Billy said “We found out Madonna was doing a version on her Like A Virgin album and we had a full compliment songs so we thought we’d leave it off the album”.

The 2LP vinyl edition drops five of these bonus tracks and therefore features eight selections on the bonus LP.

The Billy Idol shop is peddling a £357 “collectors record plaque” which apes the look of an official platinum or silver disc. This 100-limited edition will be viewed either as opportunistic tat of the highest order or rather cool, depending on your outlook. To be fair, it looks like there was some autographed coloured vinyl on the shop at some point, at a not unreasonable £40, but it must have sold out in the blink of an eye.

The Rebel Yell “collectors record plaque”. Opportunistic tat or rather cool? You decide.

To SDE, the Billy Idol reissue campaign continues to be feel rather half-hearted, with its basic jewel-case packaging and like the Billy Idol reissue of last year, this Rebel Yell 2CD set does not even comprehensively mop up the commercially released audio (edits, remixes) from the original era. Do you agree? Rate this release at the top of the page.

Rebel Yell is reissued on 26 April 2024, via UMe/Capitol.


Rebel Yell Billy Idol / 40th anniversary reissue

    • CD 1
      1. Rebel Yell
      2. Daytime Drama
      3. Eyes Without A Face
      4. Blue Highway
      5. Flesh For Fantasy
      6. Catch My Fall
      7. Crank Call
      8. (Do Not) Stand In The Shadows
      9. The Dead Next Door
    • CD 2
      1. Best Way Out Of Here
      2. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
      3. Daytime Drama (Demo)
      4. Flesh For Fantasy (Demo)
      5. Catch My Fall (Early Version)
      6. Crank Call (Demo)
      7. (Do Not) Stand In The Shadows (Demo)*
      8. Rebel Yell (Session Take)**
      9. Blue Highway (Original Demo)**
      10. Flesh For Fantasy (Session Take)**
      11. Catch My Fall (Original Demo)**
      12. Motorbikin’ (Session Take)**
      13. Eyes Without A Face (Poolside Remix)
      **previously released on 1999 expanded CD
      *Previously Unreleased

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