FIRST PICTURES / Rory Gallagher: “Kickback City” deluxe 3CD set


Kickback City is a new compilation of crime noir inspired music from Rory Gallagher that is a perfect marriage of content and presentation.

Three CDs come packaged in a glossy bookset, featuring The Lie Factory, an exclusive new ‘novella’ by Ian Rankin. The story comes stunningly illustrated in full graphic novel style by Timothy Truman. The first disc here features a selection of 14 studio recordings from the late rock-blues guitarist (see track listing below), with a second CD offering a selection of live performances. The third disc has actor Aidan Quinn narrating Ian Rankin’s story. The set also includes four glossy Lie Factory postcards.

The presentation is truly fantastic, and the whole crime novel concept works beautifully. In an age of cost-cutting and budget reissues, you have to admire conviction with which this set has been produced. It’s sure to attract a new audience to the talents of the Irish musician, and we it is a commercial success, in the hope that it encourages record labels to match these high standards with their reissues.

Kickback City was released this week on Sony Music (in the UK).

Kickback City – 3CD Deluxe

Kickback City – Vinyl

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Track listing:

Disc 1: Kickback City 

  • 1. Kickback City
  • 2. Continental Op
  • 3. Kid Gloves
  • 4. Big Guns
  • 5. Loanshark Blues
  • 6. Secret Agent
  • 7. B Girl
  • 8. Slumming Angel
  • 9. Barley & Grape Rag
  • 10. Doing Time
  • 11. In Your Town
  • 12. Sinner Boy
  • 13. The Devil Made Me Do It
  • 14. Seven Days

Disc 2:  Kickback City Live

  • 1. Continental Op
  • 2. Tatto’d Lady
  • 3. I Ain’t No Saint
  • 4. Off The Handle
  • 5. The Loop
  • 6. Messin’ With The Kid
  • 7. Loanshark Blues

Disc 3: The Lie Factory

  • 1. The Lie Factory Spoken Word By Aidan Quinn

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