Fleetwood Mac remasters to get standalone vinyl reissues

The 2017 remaster of Fleetwood Mac‘s Tango in the Night and last year’s Mirage remaster are to be issued as standalone vinyl pressings at the end of May.

Both of these were previously only available as part of their respective super deluxe edition box sets but are now available separately, and a great price if you get in quick. Tango and Mirage are both just over £13 right now.

It’s worth noting that you benefit from Amazon’s ‘autorip’ feature with these purchases (in the UK), so that gets you a digital version too.

Tango in the Night and Mirage will be reissued on vinyl on 26 May 2017.

Tango in the Night vinyl LP

Side: 1
1. Big Love (2017 Remastered)
2. Seven Wonders (2017 Remastered)
3. Everywhere (2017 Remastered)
4. Caroline (2017 Remastered)
5. Tango in the Night (2017 Remastered)
6. Mystified (2017 Remastered)

Side: 2
7. Little Lies (2017 Remastered)
8. Family Man (2017 Remastered)
9. Welcome To The Room… Sara (2017 Remastered)
10. Isn’t It Midnight (2017 Remastered)
11. When I See You Again (2017 Remastered)
12. You And I, Pt. II (2017 Remastered)

Mirage vinyl LP

Side 1
1. Love In Store (2016 Remastered)
2. Can’t Go Back (2016 Remastered)
3. That’s Alright (2016 Remastered)
4. Book of Love (2016 Remastered)
5. Gypsy (2016 Remastered)
6. Only Over You (2016 Remastered)

Side 2
1. Empire State (2016 Remastered)
2. Straight Back (2016 Remastered)
3. Hold Me (2016 Remastered)
4. Oh Diane (2016 Remastered)
5. Eyes of the World (2016 Remastered)
6. Wish You Were Here (2016 Remastered)

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