Giorgio Moroder / On The Groove Train Volume 2: 1974 -1985

Giorgio Moroder / On The Groove Train Volume 2 1974-1985

Repertoire records last year issued On The Groove Train Volume 1: 1975-1993, a collection of Giorgio Moroder collaborations and productions spanning two CDs.

A follow-up to this volume will be released on 4 March 2012 (UK) and On The Groove Train Volume 2: 1974 -1985 sees a further selection of rarities from the Italian producer, featuring work of artists such as Donna Summer, Chris Bennett and Roberta Kelly. The songs are culled from various international releases and take in A-sides, B-sides adn the occasional 12-inch versions.

On The Groove Train Volume 2: 1974-1985 track listing:

Disc: 1

  • 1. Kung Fu’s Back Again Part I – ROBERTA KELLY Single A-side (Germany) Atlantic ATL10542,1974
  • 2. Moonshiner – TRACEY DEAN Single A-side (Germany) Decca D29230,1974
  • 3. Boy On The Ball – TRACEY DEAN Single B-side Moonshiner(Germany)Decca D29230,1974
  • 4. Denver Dream – DONNA SUMMER Single A-side(Belgium)Lark Records INS7510,1975
  • 5. Something’s In The Wind – DONNA SUMMER Single B-side Denver Dream (Belgium) Lark Records INS7510,1975
  • 6. Bump The Twist – SPEED LIMIT Single A-side(Germany)Oasis16892,1976
  • 7. Disco Man – CHRIS BENNETT Single A-side (UK)Bradley’s Records BLAK1001,1976
  • 8. This Perfect Day – CHRIS BENNETT Single B-side Disco Man(UK)Bradley’s Records BLAK1001,1976
  • 9. Doctor Funk – SMILEY introducing KAREN TAYLOR Single A-side(France)Barclay620321,1977
  • 10. Love Is You – THE BEEPERS Single A-side(Germany)Oasis15517,1978
  • 11. Love Now,Hurt Later – GIORGIO & CHRIS Single A-side(Mexico)RCA Victor SP5150,1978
  • 12. Let This Night Go On For Days – GIORGIO & CHRIS Single B-side Love Now, Hurt Later(Mexico)RCA Victor SP5150,1978
  • 13. Fly Too High (Single Version) – JANIS IAN Single A-side (UK) CBS12-7936,1979
  • 14. You Can (Single Version) -MADLEEN KANE Single A-side(Italy)Durium DE3188,Chalet Records,1981
  • 15. Don’t Wanna Lose You – MADLEEN KANE Single B-side You Can (France) Trema410165,1981
  • 16. Mon Amour – MADLEEN KANE Single B-side You Can (USA) Chalet Records C1225,1981
  • 17. Playing For Time (Single Version) – MADLEEN KANE Single A-side(France)Trema410201,1981
  • 18. Thief Of Hearts (Short Version) – MELISSA MANCHESTER Single B-side Thief Of Hearts (Dance Mix) (Germany) Casablanca Records880308-1,1984
  • 19. The Runner – RICHARD T.BEAR Single A-side (Germany) Teldec614435,1985
  • 20. Pandora’s Box (Single Version) -DONNA Single B-side Virgin Mary(Netherlands)Groovy GR1215,1975
  • 21. Kung Fu’s Back Again-Part II – ROBERTA KELLY Single B-side Kung Fu’s Back Again (Germany) Atlantic ATL10542,1974

Disc: 2

  • 1. Virgin Mary – DONNA SUMMER Single A-side (Netherlands) Groovy GR1215,1975
  • 2. The Disco Twist – SPEED LIMIT Single B-side Bump The Twist (Germany) Oasis16892,1976
  • 3. Funk You Very Much – SMILEY introducing KAREN TAYLOR Single B-side Doctor Funk(France)Barclay620321,1977
  • 4. Love Trap – THE BEEPERS Single B-side Love Is You (Germany) Oasis15517,1978
  • 5. Love Now, Hurt Later (Vocal) -ANN JOY Single A-side (Belgium) Unidisc UNI1009,Igloo Records Ltd.1978
  • 6. Playing For Time (Special 12inch Version) – MADLEEN KANE Single A-side (US) Chalet Records,CH804,1982
  • 7. The Lonely One – MADLEEN KANE Single B-side Playing For Time (US) Chalet Records,CH804,1982
  • 8. Thief Of Hearts (Dance Mix) – MELISSA MANCHESTER Single A-side (Germany) Casablanca Records 880308-1,1984
  • 9. The Runner (Long Version) – RICHARD T.BEAR Single A-side (Germany) Teldec620486,1985
  • 10. Shannon’s Eyes (12 Inch Version) -GIORGIO MORODER & PAUL ENGEMANN Single A-side, (Germany) Oasis620412,1985
  • 11. Giorgio Moroder Medley – GIORGIO MORODER (Mixed by Blue Eyed D.J.) Taken from the album promo-release Disco Circus 1983 Program 2 (Netherlands) Wise Records WR010,1983
  • 12. Space Warriors (Blue Eyed DJ Remix) – MUNICH MACHINE Taken from the album promo-release Disco Circus 1983 Program 2(Netherlands)Wise Records WR010,1983

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