Jesus Jones / 3-disc deluxe reissues


British band Jesus Jones who enjoyed transatlantic success in the early nineties with their distincitive mix of dance and indie-rock are to have their four studio albums of the era reissued by Edsel Records as comprehensive 2CD+DVD editions.

Signed to Dave Balfe’s Food Records (also home to Blur) 1989 debut Liquidizer featured the single Info Freako which only just failed to break into the UK top 40. A similar fate befell the albums two other singles, but everything changed with the next record, 1991’s Doubt. Real Real Real and Right Here, Right Now were both UK top 40 hits (the former peaking inside the top 20) but it was in the US that the band were having a bit impact with both 45s reaching the Billboard Hot 100 top ten, with Right Here, Right Now peaking at number two.

In the end, that mainstream Stateside chart action was fairly short-lived and so while the third Doubt single, International Bright Young Thing, reached number seven in the UK it failed to repeat the mainstream US success of the earlier releases.

Third album Perverse (1993) featured another UK top ten UK single in The Devil You Know and although not regarded as a big success, the long-player still reached number six in the album charts (Doubt had hit the top spot). The final album of the era, 1997’s Already, failed commercially and the band split with Food (who by this point were wholly owned by EMI).

Across these four reissues you will find a massive amount of sought after remixes, rare tracks, and demos as well as a DVD for each album featuring videos and live footage. The now familiar Edsel 24-page casebound books feature photos, memorabilia and extensive annotations by Iain Baker of the band.

The Jesus Jones reissues will be issue on 17 November 2014.

Liquidiser (3-disc deluxe)

Doubt (3-disc deluxe)

Perverse (3-disc deluxe)

Already (3-disc deluxe)



Disc: 1
1. Move Mountains
2. Never Enough
3. The Real World
4. All the Answers
5. What’s Going On
6. Song 13
7. Info Freako
8. Bring It On Down
9. Too Much to Learn
10. What Would You Know?
11. One for the Money
12. Someone to Blame
13. All the Answers
14. Norman
15. Cut and Dried
16. What Would You Know?
17. Move Mountains
18. What’s Going On
19. Barry D. Next to Cleanliness
20. Broken Bones
21. Song 13

Disc: 2
1. Broken Bones
2. One for the Money
3. Info Psycho (Dance Extravanganza)
4. Enough – Never Enough
5. It’s the Winning That Counts
6. What’s Going On (Extended)
7. None of the Answers
8. Cut and Dried
9. Beat It Down
10. Bring It On Down (Liquidised Mix)
11. I Don’t Want That Kind of Love
12. Move Mountains (Ben Chapman Mix)
13. Bring It On Down
14. All the Answers in Three and a Half Minutes (Unheard David Motion Version)
15. What’s Going On (Rough Mix)
16. The Real World (Monitor Mix)
17. Info Freako

Disc: 3 (DVD)
1. Info Freako (Promo Video)
2. Never Enough (Promo Video)
3. Bring It On Down (Promo Video)
4. I Don’t Want That Kind of Love (Version 1) (Promo Video)
5. I Don’t Want That Kind of Love (Version 2) (Promo Video)
6. Song 13
7. Damn Good at This
8. Are You Satisfied?
9. Nothing to Hold Me
10. Broken Bones
11. What Would You Know?



Disc: 1
1. Trust Me
2. Who? Where? Why?
3. International Bright Young Thing
4. I’m Burning
5. Right Here, Right Now
6. Nothing to Hold Me
7. Real, Real, Real
8. Welcome Back Victoria
9. Two and Two
10. Stripped
11. Blissed
12. Move Me
13. Are You Satisfied?
14. Real Real Real (Raw 12″ Mix Rhythm 1)
15. Right Here Right Now (Martyn Phillips Mix)
16. IBYT 12 (International Bright Young Thing)
17. Who? Where? Why? (12 Foot Mix)
18. Welcome Back Victoria (DNA Orchestral Mix)
19. Dead People’s Lives
20. Barry D. Next to Cleanliness

Disc: 2
1. International Bright Young Thing (Phil Harding 12″ Mix)
2. Who? Where? Why? (The Crisis 12″ Mix)
3. Right Here, Right Now (Dean Krexa Mix)
4. Damn Good at This
5. Maryland
6. International Bright Young Thing (The Chaos Mix)
7. Who? Where? Why? (The Chaos Mix)
8. Need to Know
9. Caricature
10. Kill Today
11. Who? Where? Why? (1997 Remix)
12. Barry D #2
13. Janet
14. Real, Real, Real (Ben Chapman 7″ Mix)
15. Crispin
16. Right Here, Right Now
17. International Bright Young Thing
18. Someone to Blame
19. Trust Me

Disc: 3 (DVD)
1. Real, Real, Real (UK) (Promo Video)
2. Real, Real, Real (US 12″) (Promo Video)
3. International Bright Young Thing (Promo Video)
4. Who? Where? Why? (Promo Video)
5. Right Here, Right Now (Promo Video)
6. Real, Real, Real (Top of the Pops)
7. International Bright Young Thing (Top of the Pops)
8. Who? Where? Why? (Top of the Pops)
9. Interview (Going Live)
10. International Bright Young Thing (Going Live)
11. EMI TV Advert for ‘Doubt’
12. Promo Interview With Mike and Iain
13. Two & Two (Cambridge Corn Exchange, February 1991)
14. I’m Burning (T&C, February 1991)
15. Bring It On Down/Stripped (T&C, February 1991)



Disc: 1
1. Zeroes and Ones
2. The Devil You Know
3. Get a Good Thing
4. From Love to War
5. Yellow Brown
6. Magazine
7. The Right Decision
8. Your Crusade
9. Don’t Believe It
10. Tongue Tied
11. Spiral
12. Idiot Stare
13. Zeroes and Ones (The Prodigy Versus Jesus Jones Mix)
14. The Devil You Know (Kidney Mix)
15. The Right Decision (Klanger Mix)
16. Phoenix
17. Zeroes and Ones (Aphex Twin Reconstruction (1) Mix)
18. Zeroes and Ones (Aphex Twin Reconstruction (2) Mix)

Disc: 2
1. The Right Decision (Edit)
2. Want to Know (Knowledge Mix)
3. Zeroes and Ones (Central Nervous System Mix)
4. The Right Decision (Moody Reconstruction Mix)
5. The Devil You Know (Satellite Over Tehran Mix)
6. Starting from Scratch
7. The Right Decision (Acid Confusion Mix)
8. Idiot Stare
9. Zeroes and Ones
10. The Devil You Know
11. Magazine
12. Magazine
13. Get a Good Thing
14. St. Louis
15. Krexa
16. 15-11-91
17. As Good As It Gets
18. Time of Our Own
19. Every Little Bit (Version 2)

Disc: 3 (DVD)
1. The Devil You Know (12″ Version) (Promo Video)
2. The Right Decision (Unseen B&W Version) (Promo Video)
3. The Right Decision (Standard Version) (Promo Video)
4. Zeroes and Ones (Promo Video)
5. The Devil You Know (Top of the Pops, 17/01/93)
6. Electric Warriors (Live at the Budokan)
7. Magazine (Live at the Astoria, 1st April 1993)
8. The Devil You Know (Live at the Astoria, 1st April 1993)
9. The Right Decision (Live at the Astoria, 1st April 1993)



Disc: 1
1. The Next Big Thing
2. Run On Empty
3. Look Out Tomorrow
4. Rails
5. Wishing It Away
6. Chemical #1
7. Motion
8. They’re Out There
9. For a Moment
10. Addiction, Obsession & Me
11. February
12. For a Moment (Iain’t Remix)
13. Addiction, Obsession & Me
14. Cowfloor
15. Business & Bodybuilding
16. Fairmode
17. Together (Hotei ‘Guitar’ Version)

Disc: 2
1. Together
2. Man On the Moon
3. Far Out in Nowhere
4. The Next Big Thing (Ian and Nick Version)
5. Nothing Out There at All
6. Chemical #1 (Optical Remix)
7. Natural State of Grey
8. Change of Season
9. Chemical #1 (Scandal Vocal Mix)
10. Top of the World
11. The Next Big Thing
12. Man On the Moon
13. Rails
14. Chemical #1
15. Together
16. For a Moment
17. Run On Empty
18. They’re Out There
19. No Explaining

Disc: 3 (DVD)
1. Next Big Thing (Promo Video)
2. Chemical #1 (Promo Video)
3. Man On the Moon (Live at TJ’s Newport, 1996)
4. The Next Big Thing (Live at TJ’s Newport, 1996)
5. Look Out Tomorrow (Live at TJ’s Newport, 1996)
6. Look Out Tomorrow (Live at TJ’s Newport, 1996)
7. Rails (Live at TJ’s Newport, 1996)
8. Chemical #1 (Live at TJ’s Newport, 1996)

Liquidiser (3-disc deluxe)

Doubt (3-disc deluxe)

Perverse (3-disc deluxe)

Already (3-disc deluxe)

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