Kirsty MacColl / Deluxe reissues

Kirsty MacColl / Reissues

Salvo’s expanded Kirsty MacColl reissues are due for release on 8 October. Kite, Electric Landlady and Titanic Days are all two-CD deluxe reissues, with bonus discs full of B-sides, remixes, radio sessions and live tracks, while debut Desperate Character is released on CD for the first time, and comes as a single disc edition without bonus tracks.

We will bring you full reviews nearer the time, but for now see the full track listings below:

Desperate Character

  1. Clock Goes Round
  2. See That Girl
  3. There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis
  4. Teenager In Love
  5. Mexican Sofa
  6. Until The Night
  7. Falling For Faces
  8. Just One Look
  9. The Real Ripper
  10. Hard To Believe
  11. He Thinks I Still Care
  12. There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis (country version)


CD 1

  1. Innocence
  2. Free World
  3. Mother’s ruin
  4. Days
  5. No victims
  6. Fifteen minutes
  7. Don’t come the cowboy with me, Sonny Jim!
  8. Tread lightly
  9. What do pretty girls do?
  10. Dancing in limbo
  11. The end of a perfect day
  12. You and me baby
CD 2
  1. Closer to God? [B side of Free World]
  2. The End of a Perfect Day (original demo version)
  3. You just haven’t earned it yet, baby
  4. La Fôret de Mimosas
  5. Happy
  6. El Paso
  7. Still Life [B Side of Days]
  8. Please Help Me, I’m Falling [B Side of Days]
  9. Innocence (single remix)
  10. Clubland [B Side of Innocence]
  11. Don’t Run Away From Me Now [B Side of Innocence]
  12. Innocence (Guilt mix)
  13. No Victims (Guitar Heroes mix)
  14. Other People’s Hearts [B Side of Cowboy]
  15. Complainte Pour Ste. Catherine
  16. Am I Right?
  17. You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby (She’s Having A Baby Soundtrack version)

Electric Landlady

CD 1

  1. Walking down Madison
  2. All I ever wanted
  3. Children of the Revolution
  4. Halloween
  5. My affair
  6. Lying down
  7. He never mentioned love
  8. We’ll never pass this way again
  9. The hardest word
  10. Maybe it’s imaginary
  11. My way home
  12. The one and only

CD 2

  1. One good thing
  2. The hardest word (alt. take 3) (previously unreleased)
  3. Walking Down Madison (6am Ambient Mix)
  4. Walking Down Madison (Extended Urban Mix)
  5. Walking Down Madison (LP Extended Mix)
  6. Darling, let’s have another baby [featuring Billy Bragg]
  7. All the Tears that I Cried (B-side of My Affair)
  8. My Affair (Ladbroke Groove Remix)
  9. My Affair (Bass Sexy Remix)
  10. My Affair (Olive Groove Remix)
  11. Don’t go near the water
  12. All I ever wanted (re-recorded single version)
  13. There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis
    (BBC Radio 1: Nicky Campbell show 26 June 1991).
  14. Walk Right Back
    (BBC Radio 1: Nicky Campbell show 26 June 1991).
  15. Darling, Let’s Have Another Baby
    (BBC Radio 1: Nicky Campbell show 26 June 1991).
  16. A New England
    (BBC Radio 1: Nicky Campbell show 26 June 1991).

Titanic Days

CD 1

  1. You know it’s you
  2. Soho Square
  3. Angel
  4. Last day of Summer
  5. Bad
  6. Can’t stop killing you
  7. Titanic Days
  8. Don’t go home
  9. Big boy on a Saturday night
  10. Just woke up
  11. Tomorrow never comes

CD 2

  1. Angel (Piano mix)
  2. Angel (Single mix)
  3. Angel (Apollo 400 remix)
  4. Angel (Stuart Crichton remix)
  5. Angel (Into the Light mix)
  6. Angel (Mysterious mix)
  7. Tread Lightly (live at the Fleadh)
  8. Caroline (live at the Fleadh)
  9. They Don’t Know (live at the Fleadh)
  10. Innocence (live at the Fleadh)
  11. Free World (live at the Fleadh)
  12. Miss Otis Regrets (live at the Fleadh)
  13. My Affair (live at the Fleadh)
  14. Don’t Come the Cowboy with me, Sonny Jim! (live at the Fleadh)
  15. Walking down Madison (live at the Fleadh)
  16. A New England (live at the Fleadh)
  17. I Wanna Be Sedated (live at the Fleadh)

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