Porcupine Tree / Deadwing deluxe reissue

2005 album expanded and reissued

Deadwing, Porcupine Tree’s eighth studio album, will be reissued in March as a 3CD+blu-ray deluxe edition.

The 2005 album was the follow-up to In Absentia in 2002 and includes the singles ‘Shallow’ and ‘Lazarus’. Those two long-players are widely regarded as Porcupine Tree at their very best.

Based on a script written by Steven Wilson and director Mike Bennion, about half of the songs were started as part of the film’s score. However, when the film did not enter the production phase, Wilson instead made them the basis for the next PT album, with additional material written in collaboration with the other band members.

The Deadwing 3CD+blu-ray deluxe edition

The reissue echoes the In Absentia re-release from early 2020 inasmuch as it comes in a large format deluxe 108-page hardcover book. This offers an in-depth history of the band by Stephen Humphries and rare photographs from Lasse Hoile and the band’s personal archives. The four discs offer the following content:

CD 1: Steven Wilson’s 2018 remaster

CD 2: B-sides & extra tracks

CD 3: 70 minutes of demos

Blu-ray: 5.1 mix of Deadwing album with 4 bonus tracks by Elliot Scheiner & Steven Wilson, new ‘making of’ documentary: Never Stop the Car on a Drive in the Dark, Rockplalast performance (77 mins German broadcast in 2005), ‘Lazarus’ promo video, Deadwing 96/24 LPCM stereo, B-sides in 96/24 LPCM stereo.

Deadwing will be reissued on 10 March 2023 via Snapper’s Transmission imprint.


Deadwing Porcupine Tree /

    • CD 1: Deadwing 2018 remaster
      1. Deadwing
      2. Shallow
      3. Lazarus
      4. Halo
      5. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
      6. Mellotron Scratch
      7. Open Car
      8. Start Of Something Beautiful
      9. Glass Arm Shattering
    • CD 2: B-sides/extra tracks
      1. Revenant
      2. So Called Friend
      3. Shesmovedon
      4. Mother and Child Divided
      5. Half Light
    • CD 3: Demos
      1. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (Demo)
      2. Godfearing (Demo)
      3. Lazarus (Demo)
      4. Open Car (Demo)
      5. Vapour Trails (Demo)
      6. Shallow (Demo)
      7. Deadwing (Demo)
      8. Mother and Child Divided (Demo)
      9. Instrumental Demo 1
      10. Halo (Demo)
      11. Instrumental Demo 2
      12. So Called Friend (Demo)
      13. Glass Arm Jam
    • Blu-ray
      1. Never Stop the Car on a Drive in the Dark (Deadwing Documentary)
      1. Lazarus (Promo Video)
      Album in 5.1 and stereo
      1. Deadwing (Remastered Album 96/24 LPCM Stereo)
      2. Deadwing B-Sides (96/24 LPCM Stereo)
      3. Deadwing 5.1 Surround Sound Mix (By Elliot Scheiner and SW)
      1. Intro (Rockpalast WDR TV Broadcast)
      2. Blackest Eyes (Rockpalast WDR TV Broadcast)
      3. Lazarus (Rockpalast WDR TV Broadcast)
      4. Futile (Rockpalast WDR TV Broadcast)
      5. Interview (Rockpalast WDR TV Broadcast)
      6. Mother and Child Divided (Rockpalast WDR TV Broadcast)
      7. So Called Friend (Rockpalast WDR TV Broadcast)
      8. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (Rockpalast WDR TV Broadcast)
      9. Sound of Muzak (Rockpalast WDR TV Broadcast)
      10. Interview 2 (Rockpalast WDR TV Broadcast)
      11. Start of Something Beautiful (Rockpalast WDR TV Broadcast)
      12. Halo (Rockpalast WDR TV Broadcast)
      13. Interview 3 (Rockpalast WDR TV Broadcast)
      14. Radioactive Toy (Rockpalast WDR TV Broadcast)
      15. Trains (Rockpalast WDR TV Broadcast)

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