Propaganda / Noise And Girls Come Out To Play / ‘Best of’ collection

Propaganda / Noise and Girls Come Out To Play / ZTT SalvoZTT and Salvo release a new Propaganda ‘best of’ on 10 September 2012. Noise and Girls Come Out to Play collects tracks from the records from across their short ZTT career including A Secret Wish, Wishful Thinking, Duel, Do Well, p:Machinery, the Nine Lives of Dr Mabuse and Propaganda’s studio sessions during their years spent taping at Sarm Studios, 1983 to 1986.

Obviously, given the rich vaults of ZTT, they have made things interesting (as usual) by providing previously unreleased variations of certain tracks, so Propaganda fans should take a close look at the track listing below. Previously unreleased tracks highlighted with an asterisk.

Noise and Girls Come Out To Play by Propaganda – track listing below:

  • 1. ‘Before You Start You Already Bleed’ *
  • 2. Dr Mabuse (Anton Corbijn Video Mix)
  • 3. Femme Fatale (The Woman with the Orchid)
  • 4. Duel (Thirds)*
  • 5. Testament Five*
  • 6. Jewel (Rough Cut)
  • 7. P:Machinery (Beta)
  • 8. P:Machinery (Alpha)*
  • 9. Dream Within A Dream
  • 10. Wonder
  • 11. Lied
  • 12. Frozen Faces (A Secret Sense of Sin)*
  • 13. Testament Six*
  • 14. Im Stahlnetz Des Mabuse (a 12inch Dance Mix)*
  • 15. Das Testaments Des Mabuse
  • 16. (The Ninth Life of) Dr Mabuse
  • 17. Strength to Dream (As Testament Seven)*
  • 18. P:Machinery (Zbigniew Rybczynski Video Mix)*
  • 19. Femme Fatale (The Orchid)*

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