Saint Etienne / Foxbase Alpha vinyl box


Saint Etienne will release a special 25th anniversary vinyl box set of their 1991 debut album Foxbase Alpha in January next year.

The box set will be presented as a triple vinyl collection and includes Foxbase Alpha remastered and cut at 45RPM over two records and Remains Of The Day, a bonus album (33RPM) of associated recordings from the era, most of which are new to the vinyl format.

This box will also include a special one sided seven-inch single featuring a previously unreleased demo of Moria Lambert (vocalist for Only Love Can Break Your Heart) singing over a radically different version of Kiss And Make Up, a large format (12″ x 12″) 28-page book and “assorted inserts”, including band photos, original press releases and Foxbase trading cards.

If you just fancy picking up the original album on vinyl without the box set malarkey, then Heavenly are reissuing it straight, as an exact replica of the original UK pressing. This is the first time it has been issued on vinyl since the original release.

The 2CD deluxe edition is also re-available again This comprises the original album plus a disc of 14 associated recordings from the era.

Recalling the constraints on making the album Bob Stanley recalls, “me and Pete were working on a budget made up of our savings. Heavenly was in similar straits. I think it cost about £4,000 in the end, but that was about a year’s worth of recordings…. Once me and Pete started to record we used to buy ‘Loot’ and look for old synths and keyboards – a Roland Jupiter (knackered), a Prophet 5 (great), a Crumar Performer (I don’t think we ever got it to work so we disemboweled it). Everything was recorded on a reel-to-reel tape recorder with an eight-track mixing desk. If we weren’t happy with a song after a couple of days, we’d move on to something new.”

The box set is limited to 2,000 units everything within is exclusive and won’t be made available anywhere else. It will come with a download card. It can be pre-ordered direct from the band’s website from Thursday 27 October, although SDE understands it will be also available via other channels at some point.

The official release date for the box set is 13 January 2017 but the standard vinyl and two-CD deluxe edition are out at the end of this week (see below).



Foxbase Alpha / Limited Edition Box Set

•    The original 13 track album remastered over two 12” vinyls running at 45rpm

•    A bonus album cut at 33rpm featuring 10 associated recordings from the period (mostly on vinyl for the first time):

•    Associated Recordings: Side One

  • Kiss And Make Up (Sarah vocal)
  • Filthy
  • Chase HQ
  • Sally Space
  • Sweet Pea

•    Associated Recordings: Side Two

  • The Reckoning
  • People Get Real
  • Winter In America
  • Speedwell
  • Fake 88

Foxbase Alpha / 2CD Deluxe Edition

CD 1 – As per the original vinyl edition above

CD 2

  • 1.   Kiss And Make Up
  • 2.   Filthy
  • 3.   Chase HQ
  • 4.   Sally Space
  • 5.   The Reckoning
  • 6.   Speedwell
  • 7.   Parliament Hill
  • 8.   People Get Real
  • 9.   Sweet Pea
  • 10. Winter In America
  • 11. Fake 88
  • 12. Studio Kinda Filthy
  • 13. Kiss And Make Up (Sarah Cracknell version)
  • 14. Sky’s Dead


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