Prince / The Gold Experience and The Truth vinyl reissues

Black vinyl coming in June

Two Prince albums from the 1990 will be reissued on vinyl in June.

The Gold Experience from 1995 (his first to be credited to that unpronounceable squiggle) will be reissued as a 2LP black vinyl set and The Truth, the excellent semi-acoustic bonus studio album that was included as an extra CD on 1998’s Crystall Ball rarities set, is also issued as a single black vinyl LP.

Both albums were reissued for last year’s Record Store Day with The Gold Experience pressed on limited edition gold-coloured vinyl – with promo-stylee presentation – and The Truth issued on vinyl for the very first time. The difference with this newThe Gold Experience is that this is standard packaging and it doesn’t have the remixes of ‘I Hate U’ on Side D.

The Gold Experience and The Truth will be issued on black vinyl on 9 June, via Sony’s Legacy Recordings.


The Gold Experience Prince / 2LP black vinyl

    • LP 1
      Side A
      1. P. Control   
      2. Endorphinmachine     
      3. Shhh       
      Side B
      1. We March               
      2. The Most Beautiful Girl In the World  
      3. Dolphin  
    • LP 2
      Side C
      1. Now      
      2. 319
      3. Shy
      4. Billy Jack Bitch
      Side D
      1.  [Eye] Hate U
      2. Gold


The Truth Prince / Black vinyl LP

    • LP
      Side A
      1. The Truth
      2. Don’t Play Me
      3. Circle of Amour
      4. 3rd Eye
      5. Dionne
      6. Man In a Uniform
      Side B
      1. Animal Kingdom
      2. The Other Side of the Pillow
      3. Fascination
      4. One of Your Tears
      5. Comeback
      6. Welcome 2 the Dawn (Acoustic Version)

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