Swing Out Sister 25th Anniversary reissue has revised track listing

Swing Out Sister / It's Better To Travel / 25th AnniversaryA few weeks ago we posted a strong reaction to the proposed track listing for the reissue of Swing Out Sister‘s classic 1987 debut It’s Better To Travel. Our view was that it was rather lacking in rarities, remixes and a little uninspired.

Although band member Andy Connell was (understandably) a little miffed, he has recently been in touch to advise that the reissue (now due 16 July) has an improved, finalised track listing and kindly sent all the details.

He told us: “they’ve sent the final audio disc to us for approval, but we haven’t received it just yet. Corinne has spellchecked her liner notes, and artwork is all done. The track listing, which I hope is now final, is as follows:…”


  • 1. Breakout – (3.46)
  • 2. Twilight World (Superb, Superb Mix) – (6.27)
  • 3. After Hours – (4.48)
  • 4. Blue Mood – (4.18)
  • 5. Surrender – (5.53)
  • 6. Fooled By A Smile – (4.06)
  • 7. Communion – (4.40)
  • 8. It’s Not Enough – (3.46)
  • 9. Theme From It’s Better To Travel – (4.32)
  • 10. Breakout (N.A.D. Mix) – (7.02)
  • 11. Surrender (Stuff Gun Mix) – (6.40)
  • 12. Twilight World (Gas Distress Mix) – (6.13)


  • 1. Breakout (A New Rockin’ Version) – (5.52)
  • 2. Surrender (Roadrunner Mix) – (6.17)
  • 3. Fooled By A Smile (Ralph Mix) – (6.10)
  • 4. Blue Mood (Dubbed Up Mix) – (6.48)
  • 5.Communion (Instrumental) – (4.43)
  • 6. Dirty Money – (4.09)
  • 7. Fever – (4.33)
  • 8. Who’s To Blame? – (5.13)
  • 9. Wake Me When It’s Over – (4.34)
  • 10. Another Lost Weekend – (5.27)
  • 11. Blue Mood (Growler Mix) – (6.52)
  • 12. Breakout (Horny Mix) – (4.33)

Some of the tracks have been moved around, but to summarise the changes (in bold) from the previous track listing, Blue Mood 12″ mix is replaced by Blue Mood (Dubbed Up Mix) and an additional four rare remixes have been added Breakout ( A New Rockin’ Version), Blue Mood (Growler Mix), Surrender (Roadrunner Mix), and Breakout (Horny Mix). All of these tracks were on our ‘key missing tracks list’.

This is great news for Swing Out Sister fans and we can heartily recommend the reissue with this much improved track listing. All the singles (with the exception of Fooled By A Smile) have at least two remixes and we still get all the B-sides with Another Lost Weekend remaining in its ‘Long Version’ (although not noted as such on the track listing provided).

This expanded reissue is now available to pre-order on amazon, although the track listing still incorrectly shows the old version.

Look out for an interview with Swing Out Sister on this blog next week…

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