Updated cover art for the forthcoming Swing Out Sister box

Blue Mood, Breakout & Beyond

The previously announced Swing Out Sister box set always had temporary front cover artwork, but SDE can now confirm that the image above will be the finished, confirmed cover art for, Blue Mood, Breakout & Beyond, the forthcoming 8CD box set.

The handwritten text is by Corinne Drewery and the image is familiar, but a classic, originally taken by Nick Knight for the front cover of the Feb 1986 issue of I-D Magazine (“The Cool Issue”) and subsequently reused for the Breakout single.

The previously published cover art was always a placeholder image

The box set will feature the group’s first three studio albums, It’s Better To Travel (1987), Kaleidoscope World (1989) and Get In Touch With Yourself (1992) and the Japan-only live album Live at the Jazz Café (1993). Corinne has re-interpreted the artwork for the various albums and created new artwork for the bonus discs (three CDs of remixes and a final disc collecting B-sides).

I spoke to band members Corinne Drewery and Andy Connell along with producer Paul O’Duffy about this era, and my interviews with them feature in the included booklet as they talk through the various albums (and the B-sides!).

Blue Mood, Breakout and Beyond will be released on 29 July 2022, via Cherry Red.


Blue Mood, Breakout and Beyond Swing Out Sister / 8CD box set

    • 1. It’s Better To Travel
      1. Breakout
      2. Twilight World (Superb, Superb, Mix)
      3. After Hours
      4. Blue Mood
      5. Surrender
      6. Fooled By A Smile
      7. Communion
      8. It’s Not Enough
      9. Theme (From – “It’s Better To Travel”)
    • 2. Kaleidoscope World
      1. You On My Mind
      2. Where In The World?
      3. Forever Blue
      4. Heart For Hire
      5. Tainted
      6. Waiting Game
      7. Precious Words
      8. Masquerade
      9. Between Strangers
      10. The Kaleidoscope Affair
      11. Precious Words
      12. Forever Blue
      13. Masquerade
    • 3. Get In Touch With Yourself
      1. Get In Touch With Yourself
      2. Am I The Same Girl
      3. Incomplete Without You
      4. Everyday Crime
      5. Circulate
      6. Who Let The Love Out
      7. Understand
      8. Notgonnachange
      9. Don’t Say The Word
      10. Love Child
      11. Everyday Crime (Inst.)
    • 4. Live at the Jazz Café
      1. Get In Touch With Yourself
      2. You On My Mind
      3. Surrender
      4. Everyday Crime
      5. Twilight World
      6. Circulate
      7. Am I The Same Girl
      8. Breakout
      9. Notgonnachange
      10. Who Let The Love Out / Expansions / Coney Island Man / Wives & Lovers
    • 5. Remixes
      1. Blue Mood Dubbed-Up Version
      2. Blue Mood Growler Mix
      3. Breakout A New Rockin’ Version
      4. Breakout N.A.D. Mix
      5. Breakout Horny Version
      6. Breakout Carnival MIx
      7. Fooled By A Smile Ralph Mix
      8. Fooled By A Smile TV Mix
      9. Breakout American Instrumental Mix
      10. Communion Instrumental
      11. Fooled By A Smile Phi Phi Mix
      12. Twilight World Remix
    • 6. Remixes
      1. Twilight World – The World Travel Mix
      2. Twilight World – Vocal Dub
      3. Twilight World – Classical Dub
      4. Twilight World – Instrumental Dub
      5. Twilight World – Beat Your Sister Dub
      6. Surrender – Stuff Gun Mix
      7. Surrender Pop – Stand Remix
      8. Surrender – Roadrunner Mix
      9. Precious Words – Orchestral Mix
      10. Waiting Game – Extended Version
      11. Waiting Game – Remix Edit
      12. Waiting Game – Ulti Mix
      13. Waiting Game – Dub
    • 7. Remixes
      1. Where In The World – Bongo Fury Mix
      2. Where In The World – Radical Mix
      3. You On My Mind – Extended Version
      4. Precious Words – Earth Bound Mix
      5. Am I The Same Girl – Bubba’s Version
      6. Notgonnachange – Classic Club Version (Mix)
      7. Notgonnachange – Classic Song Mix
      8. Notgonnachange – Mix Of Drama
      9. Notgonnachange – Dashi I Mix
      10. Notgonnachange – O’Duffy’s 7″ Mix
      11. Notgonnachange – New Jack Swing Out Mix
      12. Am I The Same Girl – Instrumental
    • 8. B-sides
      1. Wake Me When It’s Over (B-Side – Blue Mood)
      2. Dirty Money (B-Side – Breakout)
      3. Who’s To Blame (B-Side – Surrender)
      4. Another Lost Weekend – Long Version (B-Side Twilight World)
      5. Fever (B-Side Fooled By A Smile)
      6. Coney Island Man (B-Side – You On My Mind)
      7. Taxi Town (B-Side – Where In The World)
      8. Windmills Of Your Mind (Where In The World Bonus Track)
      9. Spirit Moves (B-Side – Am I The Same Girl)
      10. I Can Hear You But I Can’t See You Am (I The Same Girl – Bonus Track)
      11. Alone (Notgonnachange Bonus Track)
      12. Surrender 7″ Version
      13. Twilight World (Single Edit)
      14. Notgonnachange (Edit)
      15. Circulate Live Version (Japanese single version)

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